Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another week has flown by


Well. Hate to say it, but another week has flown by. Adventures for this week are included (but not limited to): Zone Training, finding new investigators, calling lots of people, teaching lessons, getting lost, playing frisbee, getting soaking wet (practically everyday), cleaning our apartment (still in progress), giving a talk, teaching primary, and loving every second in the service of the Lord.

To highlight some things:
The Fomenko family. Mom is a new convert, the kids are investigating the church and as we were teaching and meeting with them this week. I was dumbstruck. These kids KNOW the gospel. They were teaching us about the creation, about who God is and what we need to do in order to live with God again. Richard, the eleven year old, pulled out his Book of Mormon - with loads of sticky notes and marked verses and shared with us his favorite scriptures. It was amazing!

München 3. How to describe the amazing little ward in which I now serve :)  There are about 60 active members I do believe, about 10 children in primary this week (but, loads are on vacation at the moment) and they're just stalwart. They have such strong testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ, and have been so welcoming to Sister Smith and I as we've come in with.. well not a huge clue as to what we've got going here but, with HUGE desires to work like crazy! 

I'm working with one of the greatest Sister missionaries, SISTER SMITH! We've had such an incredibly unified week as we've studied, worked, taught, found, and planned together. Seriously, it is such a privilege to be working with such a capable Sister and I have learned so much from her this week. Zum Beispiel:  how to make delicious meals with our leftovers, the Christ-like Attribute of Diligence, and just enjoying how beautiful every little thing we experience is. She's so grateful for all the miracles that happen and things that have seemed a little normal to me - she stops and enjoys the gift! I'm so grateful to be working with her!  

We've been finding lots of new people, calling lots of old people (from old records), and just doing our best to work with the ward. We've got a small ward here in Munich 3 but, they're really solid.  
Zum Beispiel, The Kopischke's super hilarious young family with three little kids. 1, 3, and 4. Two boys and the littlest is the girl. They're super spunky and sarcastic and ready to work! Schwester Kopischke is the RS President and so we've been able to meet with her a few times and really get it all set out - how we can work WITH the ward to accomplish the goals THEY want to achieve. Because that's really our job as missionaries to accomplish what the ward has decided is important, in the way the Lord has prescribed.

Thanks for all the love and support ya'll give to me! I really don't know what I would do without such a an incredible family and friend group cheering me on! You are amazing! Don't you ever forget it!

Sister Harman

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Munich = Miracle City


So this week was really great! The apartment is clean - minus a bit of power but, that's a different story haha (blame the waffle maker!), we found loads of new people, we taught some great families (don't worry, more details to follow!), and just loved meeting all the great people the beautiful city of Munich has to offer us!

E is an amazing recent convert. She has 3 adorable children and a super great husband. We were able to go over this week and teach her and her children.  A (9) and R (11) are so adorable and really have a desire to know God's will for them. They've been coming to church for quite a while with their mother and are making great progress to being baptized themselves!

We had interviews with President Kohler - not too much to report there! He's really great and all is clear for me to return to BYU this Winter (he did my ecclesiastical endorsement interview!) 

In other news, our ward mission leader Brother Arnold is amazing! He and his family are from Colorado (woot woot!) and just so fun to be around. He's an incredibly hard worker and it's been great being able to look to him for guidance and ideas on how we can kick start the missionary work here in Munich! Sister Kopischke, our Relief Society President (leader of the woman's organization here in Munich 3) has also been instrumental in giving us direction in our efforts to help the Munich 3rd congregation progress! I just feel so grateful for all the great people with whom we work!  

3 Generations, Sister Woods, Sister Smith and Sister Harman

Funny facts.
1. We tried to make waffles and blew a fuse.
2. We played soccer and I was sore for five days (I haven't run so far in ages)
3. Getting ridiculously soaked in the rain.
4. Ripping holes in 3 pairs of shoes (you know you've been on our mission a while when...)
5. You laugh so hard with your awesome companion that you literally start to cry

Cool story I wrote to Katie... :) Contacting = miracles
We met the coolest guy named A this past week! We just started talking to him on a straßenbahn and we ended up having one of the deepest discussions about faith and what it means to be faithful. It was one of the coolest conversations I've had on my mission! It was so spiritual I almost felt kindof dazed afterwards haha (he took a book of mormon and said he'd start it that night!) ;)

1 quick story.. new investigator.. got a Priesthood blessing. LITERALLY HEALED. SHE CAN NOW WALK!  God's power really is here on the Earth!

I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support in my life! Being a missionary is really the BEST and I wouldn't exchange this time for anything!

Sister Harman

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sister Smith and I would be grateful for any prayers sent our way :)


This has been the craziest week ever. Mad dashing all over Linz, saying goodbye to everyone, making sure that M is completely ready for her baptism this week and just working out all the little details! Then insert me packing, teaching Sister McEwen as much German as possible (writing loads of example sentences for her to use), heading out to Munich, saying goodbye to all my friends (lots of my mission friends died this last week).. died as missionary died... they went home haha, meeting Sister Smith.
Getting transferred here in Munich has been absolutely crazy. I arrived at Bahnhof (the main train station), was given a set of keys, a cell phone and a map.  Oh and a 20 year old Californian, who just came from America. haha it's been an exciting couple of days - teaching her loads of German, trying to read maps, talking to everyone, trying to figure out what we're supposed to be doing here. But, it's been really really amazing to see that no matter how crazy or messy our situation is, we can clean it all up and build that new foundation. A foundation that leads us to smooth work, organization, and actually being able to help other people.  

We just went by a lady from our congregation, we saw her name and just thought we should go by a say hi.  So we went by and she had been taking a nap. She let us in anyways and we were able to just talk to her, to let her know that some people still remember her and that most importantly, the Lord still remembers her.  Sometimes amid all the craziness of life, we forget who we are. We forget how important we are to the people around us, to ourselves, to God and all it really takes to remember who we really are - love! Prayer! Friendship! The Scriptures! The Holy Ghost! These things help us remember what this life is really all about and I just know that it's the same with you dear! Remember what's really important.. not just the money, the dream job, having people text you, being the coolest,  but, that you are an AMAZING child of God. Just because you're you! 

I've felt so lucky to have served in the areas that I have. I've learned so much from all these great people and I'm excited to get to know Munich better. To see what the Lord has in mind for this area and to work with my fantastic companion Sister Smith. (She's 21, today!) Also, adorable, graduated from ASU in Journalism, Oldest of 3 kids, from California, and an avid swimmer!  

I love you all and would be grateful for any prayers sent our way :)
Sister Harman

P.S. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (actually the whole section is great) 
P.P.S. Munich is beautiful
P.P.P.S. We already have one new investigator! :)

Editor's note:  Sister Harman said the internet was too slow for pictures this week, but promised some next week.