Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sister Smith and I would be grateful for any prayers sent our way :)


This has been the craziest week ever. Mad dashing all over Linz, saying goodbye to everyone, making sure that M is completely ready for her baptism this week and just working out all the little details! Then insert me packing, teaching Sister McEwen as much German as possible (writing loads of example sentences for her to use), heading out to Munich, saying goodbye to all my friends (lots of my mission friends died this last week).. died as missionary died... they went home haha, meeting Sister Smith.
Getting transferred here in Munich has been absolutely crazy. I arrived at Bahnhof (the main train station), was given a set of keys, a cell phone and a map.  Oh and a 20 year old Californian, who just came from America. haha it's been an exciting couple of days - teaching her loads of German, trying to read maps, talking to everyone, trying to figure out what we're supposed to be doing here. But, it's been really really amazing to see that no matter how crazy or messy our situation is, we can clean it all up and build that new foundation. A foundation that leads us to smooth work, organization, and actually being able to help other people.  

We just went by a lady from our congregation, we saw her name and just thought we should go by a say hi.  So we went by and she had been taking a nap. She let us in anyways and we were able to just talk to her, to let her know that some people still remember her and that most importantly, the Lord still remembers her.  Sometimes amid all the craziness of life, we forget who we are. We forget how important we are to the people around us, to ourselves, to God and all it really takes to remember who we really are - love! Prayer! Friendship! The Scriptures! The Holy Ghost! These things help us remember what this life is really all about and I just know that it's the same with you dear! Remember what's really important.. not just the money, the dream job, having people text you, being the coolest,  but, that you are an AMAZING child of God. Just because you're you! 

I've felt so lucky to have served in the areas that I have. I've learned so much from all these great people and I'm excited to get to know Munich better. To see what the Lord has in mind for this area and to work with my fantastic companion Sister Smith. (She's 21, today!) Also, adorable, graduated from ASU in Journalism, Oldest of 3 kids, from California, and an avid swimmer!  

I love you all and would be grateful for any prayers sent our way :)
Sister Harman

P.S. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (actually the whole section is great) 
P.P.S. Munich is beautiful
P.P.P.S. We already have one new investigator! :)

Editor's note:  Sister Harman said the internet was too slow for pictures this week, but promised some next week.  

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