Monday, October 27, 2014

Mission Complete


I'm going to make this a quick email because we have loads to do today but, the baptism went WONDERFULLY. Seriously, everything went oh so smoothly and it was a miracle. N's parents came to the baptism to support her and she bore her testimony afterwards, just glowing! You could just feel the joy radiating off of her!

Thursday would be a good day to be released. If we could work it out, I'd love to go to the temple Thursday morning (I don't even care if we go super early). I think ideally, I would do an early morning temple session and then go straight to being released so that when I get home. I'm home, y'know? Clean break :) 

My talk went really well. I didn't cry at all! Until I sat down and we started singing the next song.. I just balled. It really just hit me that this time was done. It was the silliest thing that made me start crying.. I thought to myself, 'This is the last time you'll sing in German during a Sacrament meeting' haha But, it was wonderful to be able to say goodbye to this incredible ward and to have Natalie be confirmed on the same day.. ah. It was just so beautiful. To see her come so far and then take the final step. 
Munich 3 missionaries

S is doing pretty well! He's come to church the last two Sundays. He is just such a sweet young man. Even though, he's had so many hardships in his life - he's really doing his best to work through it.

So many. Everyone wanted us over because.. well, we're awesome.. Also, I'm going home.

I still love reading The Book of Mormon in German :)
This lovely tritt got caught in the rain, but look at those smiles!  

Know that I love you all, and that even though, I'm not bursting with excitement yet to be heading home. I really am so grateful that you all have supported me throughout my time here.. and well, during my whole life! I love you all so much and am so grateful that I was able to come out here and share what you all have taught me! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real, and can change lives!

Bis Mittwoch!
Sister Harman

I teased  Sister Harman about filling her suitcase with chocolate when she came home.
  Looks like she is bringing some home!  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Familien sind EWIG!

Servus Familie!

This week has been crazy but, as always a wonderful week. N had her baptismal interview and passed with flying colors! So that was definitely a highlight of this week - on a more serious note: the son of our Stake President here in München died suddenly during a soccer game. This little boy was only 11 years old and his heart just stopped.  They tried to revive him but, to no avail.

President Aura invited us to the funeral of his son. When I say us, I mean he invited all the missionaries from the entire stake to come and support.  It was such an incredible meeting - literally the most optimistic funeral I have ever been to. The family taught that 'Familien sind EWIG!' that families are forever and that through this belief, they have a faith and hope that they will see their son, little brother, and friend.  This family was a huge example to me of missionary work and true conversion. They invited us the missionaries to talk to all their friends and family that came and offer to them the peace that comes from the restored gospel.

In other news, I went on exchange this week toooooooo München 2! So still in München, only on the Southern side of town. I went and worked with a wonderful sister named Sister Ahlm. This is her first transfer in the field and she's just a fire cracker. I love love love working with goldens. They are just so excited and ready to learn! Sister Ahlm is a chill, snowboarder, loves good music, and hanging out with her friends and we had so much fun on this exchange. (Small funny - we greeted this guy in the subway and he stopped and said 'Do we know each other?' and then we struck up a conversation - he noticed Sister Ahlm's nametag and said AHA! That's why you said hello, you're trying to convert me.  We calmed him down and had to head on our way, but, simple friendliness goes a long way, dear people!)

Funnier funny, after district meeting, everyone is getting up and ready to go and then Elder Evans called for us to sit down because he had forgotten to tell us something. I sat briefly on Sister Smith's lap and then scooted over to my chair. BUT, my skirt got caught on her bag and RIP! Yep, that's right. My favorite skirt ripped in front of 8 Elders. Joy to the world. Instantly, I just started laughing and assessed the damage. The looks of pity and the 'Don't worry, Sister Harman! I've got a a sewing kit!' assured me and I quickly repaired the problem :D (Luckily, it was only a top layer rip so nothing tooo embarrassing. Funny none the less!)

N will be baptized this Saturday! Crazy! And I'll be giving a talk this next Sunday in church! Woo. Thanks for the encouragement and the prayers and I just love you all so much!

An excerpt from Sister Harman's letter to her dad, "I had the coolest experience this past week with a part member family we've been working with. I've developed a really good relationship with the father,and since this next week is my last Sunday. I just straight up invited him to church to come and support me and instead of getting upset, or defensive like he's done in the past -- he just got really serious and said he'd think about it. 

When I first got here, he was a bit angry at the church. He grew up religious but, eventually stopped attending due to the hypocrisy of the members. He grew up in **** and when Communists had the rule - if one attended church, you'd get kicked out of school. But, the father's conviction was so strong that he would sneak into church every Sunday to hear the word. . After Communistic rule ended, everyone else came back to church and were praised and accepted. He was shocked and angry. These people had been persecuting the believers and now that it was okay to believe, they join back up? NO WAY. So he said that he was done with organized religion and scriptures and just would have a personal belief in God. 

Fast forward to now, he allowed his wife to be baptized (a huuge step for him), he allows his children to come to church, and when his son (the 11 year old) didn't want to go to church yesterday. The father sat him down and told him that he NEEDED to go to church to learn to become a man. To learn to know God. When the son complained and said he would just stay home with him. His Dad said no. If you don't want to go to Mom's church, I'll take you to the church I grew up in. Either way .. you need to go to church. So the son came to church and the father came and picked them all up afterwards. 

He has begun to read and pray with his wife every day!


Sister Harman

PS - Next week Sister Harman COMES HOME!  :) :) :) 

Monday, October 13, 2014

My time here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Well, these emails are getting lamer and lamer haha Sorry! I'll repent and write something worthwhile!

This week we had a Zone Conference combined with Stuttgart! It was as glorious as ever and I learned so much. It really made me stop and ponder, 'what kind of missionary have I been? What kind of missionary do I want to be?' At the end of Zone Conference, the missionary that will be going home have the opportunity to share their testimony. one. last. time. Dramatic, right?  I had thought alot about what I could share. Lots of missionaries talk about how hard it was, give a list of what they learned, share it in German.. etc. The biggest thing that stuck out to me as something I could share was simply loving what we are doing. 
Someone shared with me that scripture in Eccles. 3, where it goes through and describes that there is a time for this and a time for that. I read that the first time and was annoyed. I understand that there is a time for everything but, WHY. Why does my time have to end? Then right underneath those scriptures in verse 11 it states:

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..."

My time here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The Lord has given me the opportunities and the challenges that I have needed to make the progress He's needed me to.  I should not be saddened or angry (at those silly Elders for having six more months than me) but, grateful for the chance I've had to be among the servants of God in this part of his vineyard.

Also, one thing I have learned. I hate it when people talk about how HARD missions are. Seriously, I think that is my biggest pet peeve. They are just as hard as we make them out to be. I've never had a hard week. Heck not even really a hard day. Some hard moments? Definitely. But, you put those moments aside and you keep going. The Lord doesn't want us to be sad. He didn't send us out here to be miserable! The question we should be asking ourselves:

'If I'm not happy now, in the Lord's service, when will I be happy?'

So basically, be happy! Smile and know that I love you! And God does too!

Sister Harman

PS The goodbyes are taking there toll.  'it's just hard sometimes y'know? Because you just come to love these people so much and then you leave. Like at least with you all at Home, you write me every week and I KNOW that I'll see you forever! I think that's why I've felt safe and not homesick on my mission. There's that surety that we are TOGETHER."  I am so looking forward to the hello!  Only 16 days, my friends, 16 days!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

So this week has been the longest, shortest, craziest week of my mission.


So this week has been the longest, shortest, craziest week of my mission. No joke. The week started out normal and then Tuesday morning, our phone rings.  President Kohler.  My heart just dropped when I answered the phone and I knew that something crazy was about to happen.  He explained that a golden (a new sister missionary) was headed home due to some stress issues, and that her companion would need to be transferred.  He asked me how I felt about going into a drit (a trio). The words, 'What do you think President?' popped out of my mouth before I could stop them and I knew that was the WORST possible answer I could give, if I wanted to stay in a normal companionship.  He explained a little more the situation and I told him that we would take her in, if that's what he felt was right. He said he'd call me back in a couple hours but, to plan on receiving a new companion.

SO  long story short, we're in a drit! Sister Nicole Packer, from Lindon, UT, 21, likes to dance and actually started out her mission here in München 3. 

We had excellent lessons with S and N this week and both were able to come to General Conference with us. N is right on track to be baptized on the 18th of Oktober and she'll be having her interview this Thursday! We're excited for her and all the progress that she is made!  

Another miracle,  I was able to say hi to Sister Powell really really really quick this week! She was here from MLC and we were at the chruch at the same time doing some studies (we had had some lessons earlier and weren't able to finish all of studies). In addition, Elder Wasden, Elder Mickelson (haven't seen him since Ludwigsburg!), and Sister Pentz (baby girl!), and oh so many more! It was really really fun to say hi really quick. I was a little sad thinking I wouldn't be able to say goodbye before I 'die' aka go home but, now I got to say hi/bye so it'll be good!

Funny story, the Passau sisters spent the night at our house both Saturday and Sunday nights.  AKA Sister McEwen and Sister Wunderli! It was like Christmas being able to see them both again and have a sleepover basically.  Funny, a sister mixed up the word gestorben, and getötet. aka to die or to murder when talking about Jesus Christ. that one got me laughing pretty good :)

General Conference was absolutely amazing. I haven't seen the Sunday afternoon session yet, but, I really really really loved the talk from President Eyring.  I find that he always speaks really from his heart and no matter the theme of his talk - I always seem to gleam what I need from his words.  A theme that stuck out to me throughtout all the sessions - remember righteous priorities.  As the work gets crazy with our threesome here in Munich, it's great to know how I can have righteous priorities to really reach the people that are ready.

Interesting thought, something else I really learned yesterday. Talk after talk we heard about prophets, priesthood leaders, and just leaders in general. It really helped me reflect on my mission presidents. I loved loved loved President Miles, as anyone who knows me knows. When I love something, I just love it with my whole heart and sometimes - it's a wee bit hard (cough) to change. President Kohler came and while I definitely respected and honored his Priesthood and his calling, I was having a hard time really giving him my heart. Putting that whole trust and love into following his leadership.  Now, I am an exactly obedient missionary. I follow the letter of the law to the T. But, still I was having a hard time completely putting my heart into the changes that have been occuring.  During the Sunday morning session, I just had the strongest impression that while President Kohler might not know who Krissie Harman is, he prays for her and he cares for her.  The important thing is that God knows just who she is and that He will lead him to do what He needs her to do (nice pronoun usage, right?) It brought alot of peace into my heart about the state of our companionship now.

I get to hug this missionary in 23 days, 23 DAYS!!
I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost.  He really does speak to our hearts and minds and can give us the revelation that we so desperately need.  Thank you so much for your prayers and love and I hope you all learned as much from General Conference, and the Spirit that was felt there, as I did! (AKA report back to me! What'd you learn?!)

Love you all!
Sister Harman

PS  Mom's note here:   Isn't it interesting that Heavenly Father is giving Sister Harman the opportunity to see and talk to some of the missionaries she has served with the last 17 months.  Tender Mercies.  And the week she probably needed it most.  Tender Mercies!

Friday, October 3, 2014

This week was full of adventures as always

Dear Family and Friends, and random readers,
Welcome.  This week was full of adventures as always....we had the opportunity to teach Natalie this week and meet her whole family! It was so great for us to be able to meet her family and really see how they are feeling.  Religion is something that is really close to most people's hearts and it is soooo important that we respect and understand each other.  Natalie's Father was super open and asked some really great questions about what would happen after she becomes a member and what the family means to us.  I just felt so LUCKY. Family is family. Whether we belong to the same faith or not, we love each other.  Now that doesn't mean we enable or condone poor decisions but, it does mean that we love them despite their weaknesses.  She is making great progress and her family is supporting her in her decision to be baptized.

SIster Harman at Oktoberfest

B and V. They are just a cute little family! B had been to church in a long time and we started teaching her about 2 or so weeks ago. During our lesson this past week, we really just hit on the Spiritual nourishment we receive as we hear from Prophets, our teachers, and each other as members of the Church. We can learn so much from each other and from the Holy Ghost as we open ourselves to receive revelation. Now the question - how can one receive revelation? General Conference is coming up this next week and, naturally, we want to learn something from it- but how? Ideas: Spiritually prepare yourself, ask yourself: Am I studying the scriptures everyday? Am I praying to my Father in Heaven? Am I living in such a way that the Holy Ghost will be by me?  It's the simple things that prepare us to be taught by the Spirit. I've felt that so often, that I just did my best to keep clean, positive thoughts - I could really feel the Spirit more strongly.

We were also able to help out with the Institute and Seminary kick off fireside - insert Sister Smith and I washing and drying dishes, and cooking from 15:00-20:00.  Strangely enough, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience haha Only in the service of the Lord would spending five hours in a kitchen, be considered a good time :) Luckily, the Elders came and helped us the last 2 hours and it was just great to know that we really were able to help the whole thing run off without a hitch!

Service makes us happy!!

For everyone feeling underappreciated or tired or needing a little spiritual boost:

About General Conference this weekend, we'll watch the Sisters Conference on Saturday afternoon, and then the Saturday morning session live (for us Saturday Night), Sunday afternoon we'll watch the Saturday afternoon session, and then the Sunday afternoon we'll watch the Sunday morning session live :)  SO EXCITED! 

Love you all!
Sister Harman