Monday, October 13, 2014

My time here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Well, these emails are getting lamer and lamer haha Sorry! I'll repent and write something worthwhile!

This week we had a Zone Conference combined with Stuttgart! It was as glorious as ever and I learned so much. It really made me stop and ponder, 'what kind of missionary have I been? What kind of missionary do I want to be?' At the end of Zone Conference, the missionary that will be going home have the opportunity to share their testimony. one. last. time. Dramatic, right?  I had thought alot about what I could share. Lots of missionaries talk about how hard it was, give a list of what they learned, share it in German.. etc. The biggest thing that stuck out to me as something I could share was simply loving what we are doing. 
Someone shared with me that scripture in Eccles. 3, where it goes through and describes that there is a time for this and a time for that. I read that the first time and was annoyed. I understand that there is a time for everything but, WHY. Why does my time have to end? Then right underneath those scriptures in verse 11 it states:

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..."

My time here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The Lord has given me the opportunities and the challenges that I have needed to make the progress He's needed me to.  I should not be saddened or angry (at those silly Elders for having six more months than me) but, grateful for the chance I've had to be among the servants of God in this part of his vineyard.

Also, one thing I have learned. I hate it when people talk about how HARD missions are. Seriously, I think that is my biggest pet peeve. They are just as hard as we make them out to be. I've never had a hard week. Heck not even really a hard day. Some hard moments? Definitely. But, you put those moments aside and you keep going. The Lord doesn't want us to be sad. He didn't send us out here to be miserable! The question we should be asking ourselves:

'If I'm not happy now, in the Lord's service, when will I be happy?'

So basically, be happy! Smile and know that I love you! And God does too!

Sister Harman

PS The goodbyes are taking there toll.  'it's just hard sometimes y'know? Because you just come to love these people so much and then you leave. Like at least with you all at Home, you write me every week and I KNOW that I'll see you forever! I think that's why I've felt safe and not homesick on my mission. There's that surety that we are TOGETHER."  I am so looking forward to the hello!  Only 16 days, my friends, 16 days!!


  1. Such a wise, lovely, giving, perfected in service missionary. I am so excited for you!

  2. Such a wonderful letter today!! I will miss reading her blog!