Monday, October 27, 2014

Mission Complete


I'm going to make this a quick email because we have loads to do today but, the baptism went WONDERFULLY. Seriously, everything went oh so smoothly and it was a miracle. N's parents came to the baptism to support her and she bore her testimony afterwards, just glowing! You could just feel the joy radiating off of her!

Thursday would be a good day to be released. If we could work it out, I'd love to go to the temple Thursday morning (I don't even care if we go super early). I think ideally, I would do an early morning temple session and then go straight to being released so that when I get home. I'm home, y'know? Clean break :) 

My talk went really well. I didn't cry at all! Until I sat down and we started singing the next song.. I just balled. It really just hit me that this time was done. It was the silliest thing that made me start crying.. I thought to myself, 'This is the last time you'll sing in German during a Sacrament meeting' haha But, it was wonderful to be able to say goodbye to this incredible ward and to have Natalie be confirmed on the same day.. ah. It was just so beautiful. To see her come so far and then take the final step. 
Munich 3 missionaries

S is doing pretty well! He's come to church the last two Sundays. He is just such a sweet young man. Even though, he's had so many hardships in his life - he's really doing his best to work through it.

So many. Everyone wanted us over because.. well, we're awesome.. Also, I'm going home.

I still love reading The Book of Mormon in German :)
This lovely tritt got caught in the rain, but look at those smiles!  

Know that I love you all, and that even though, I'm not bursting with excitement yet to be heading home. I really am so grateful that you all have supported me throughout my time here.. and well, during my whole life! I love you all so much and am so grateful that I was able to come out here and share what you all have taught me! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real, and can change lives!

Bis Mittwoch!
Sister Harman

I teased  Sister Harman about filling her suitcase with chocolate when she came home.
  Looks like she is bringing some home!  

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