Friday, October 3, 2014

This week was full of adventures as always

Dear Family and Friends, and random readers,
Welcome.  This week was full of adventures as always....we had the opportunity to teach Natalie this week and meet her whole family! It was so great for us to be able to meet her family and really see how they are feeling.  Religion is something that is really close to most people's hearts and it is soooo important that we respect and understand each other.  Natalie's Father was super open and asked some really great questions about what would happen after she becomes a member and what the family means to us.  I just felt so LUCKY. Family is family. Whether we belong to the same faith or not, we love each other.  Now that doesn't mean we enable or condone poor decisions but, it does mean that we love them despite their weaknesses.  She is making great progress and her family is supporting her in her decision to be baptized.

SIster Harman at Oktoberfest

B and V. They are just a cute little family! B had been to church in a long time and we started teaching her about 2 or so weeks ago. During our lesson this past week, we really just hit on the Spiritual nourishment we receive as we hear from Prophets, our teachers, and each other as members of the Church. We can learn so much from each other and from the Holy Ghost as we open ourselves to receive revelation. Now the question - how can one receive revelation? General Conference is coming up this next week and, naturally, we want to learn something from it- but how? Ideas: Spiritually prepare yourself, ask yourself: Am I studying the scriptures everyday? Am I praying to my Father in Heaven? Am I living in such a way that the Holy Ghost will be by me?  It's the simple things that prepare us to be taught by the Spirit. I've felt that so often, that I just did my best to keep clean, positive thoughts - I could really feel the Spirit more strongly.

We were also able to help out with the Institute and Seminary kick off fireside - insert Sister Smith and I washing and drying dishes, and cooking from 15:00-20:00.  Strangely enough, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience haha Only in the service of the Lord would spending five hours in a kitchen, be considered a good time :) Luckily, the Elders came and helped us the last 2 hours and it was just great to know that we really were able to help the whole thing run off without a hitch!

Service makes us happy!!

For everyone feeling underappreciated or tired or needing a little spiritual boost:

About General Conference this weekend, we'll watch the Sisters Conference on Saturday afternoon, and then the Saturday morning session live (for us Saturday Night), Sunday afternoon we'll watch the Saturday afternoon session, and then the Sunday afternoon we'll watch the Sunday morning session live :)  SO EXCITED! 

Love you all!
Sister Harman

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