Monday, September 22, 2014

Service at the Asylheim with the Mü 2 Sisters was incredible


So I just wrote you one of the most beautiful, long detailed emails I have ever written and then BAM. What happens? The internet glitches annnd it's gone so forgive me - if I'm lacking in detail ;)

Miracles of the week:
So S. Our 17 year old miracle. He's been reading and reading like crazy (he's in Mosiah now) and praying and praying and praying but, doesn't seem to be recognizing any answer that God's trying to give him.  Sister Smith and I had already talked to him about recognizing the Spirit, given him so ideas, scriptures to read, and general conference talk - and still.. he still wasn't sure.  Until, bam! We are meeting and talking and then all of the sudden, you just see this lightbulb go off in his head and he just starts saying: that's it!! THAT'S IT! You've given me my answer! I just stopped talking and was super confused and he then proceeds to quote a scripture that he had read the night before and tell us that now he knew what to do.  Funny thing is, he still thought that he or I had given him this solution. We then got to explain about the Holy Ghost even more and WHAM. Finally, he understands! It's so incredible teaching him because you can just FEEL our much Heavenly Father has in store for him. 

Oktoberfest has started and we're still alive! It is basically a massive carnival with big rides, lots of food, and, of course, beer - but we won't dwell on that one too much. Yesterday we had a combined Sacrament meeting with München 1 and it was so great to see our little chapel BURSTING at the seams. Because our church is about 300 meters away from the fest, we had only one hour of church and even that hour, combined. There was a MASSIVE parade that started around 11 and the noise would be far too much to have a church service.

The Parade was awesome.

Teaching N at the Habermann family's home = amazing. She was just so ready to accept more commitments (to live the commandments (in particular, Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity) and to prepare for her baptism! The Habermann's were phenominal joint teaches and I really felt like we had four missionaries teaching that lesson instead of two! David O. McKay really knew what he was saying when he said, 'Every member a missionary!'

Service at the Asylheim with the Mü 2 Sisters was also incredible. This is a gated community where many refuges live (many are from Africa, and the middle East) It was so humbling to help men, women, and children, find shoes to fit their bare little feet.  We were able to help give out clothing to those who were and need and man. It just makes me so grateful for all that I have! 

Well, I love you all oodles and oodles.
Sister Harman

P.S. I met three roller derby girls (think Psych, where Jules goes undercover as a derby girl) 

Funny story Sister Harman shared with me:  "Some creepy guy kissed me on the cheek. (well he just like grabbed me and ran his lips across my cheek... and then whispered that he might come to the activity in Rosenheim we were inviting him to. Now. That might not sound funny, but telling the Elders the story afterwards was absolutely hilarious. They all freaked out so much, meanwhile Sister Smith and I were just like.. welp.. that was weird and moved on. Sister Missionary powers! :))"

P.P.S. Only 5 more emails until Sister Harman heads home.  

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