Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miracles, miracles! Letter from August 25

This week was awesome! Here's a cool story! 
Our first Sunday here in Munich. Sister Smith and I were just meeting everyone and trying to figure out names, and where to sit, etc. When an awesome member stole Sister Smith away, to talk to a REFERRAL.  This lady, whose family had investigated the church as she was younger. She had remembered what a good experience she had had with the missionaries and during a crisis in her life - thought she'd stop by the Mormons, in order to feel some peace.  Crazy, right? We taught her this last week and she just starts talking about baptism and about how she feels like that is probably the path for her.  We were so surprised, I didn't know what to say (which.. yeah... a little surprising for me) but, she's praying about a baptismal date and it's great to see how even already, the Lord is throwing people into our path. 

The work has still got a long ways to go but, it's definitely starting up.  We're working with some awesome individuals. Schwester Kopischke, Bischoff Hettenkofer, and Bruder Arnold to give a few shout outs and doing great work and I am really so grateful for their guidance and leadership in our ward.  Another great huzzah of gratitude goes out to Elder Spencer and Elder Vitel! They are two great hard working Elders and have been so helpful in getting the work really going here in Gemeinde München 3!

Miracle Story that happened in our ward this week!

Svetlana is a ward missionary and an amazing member in the 3rd ward. She is always serving, and sharing the gospel.  Her Mother is a sweet little old lady living in Moldova. Svetlana would continually tell her Mother how wonderful the blessings of the Restored Gospel are, how much the Book of Mormon meant to her in her life.
So when Svetlana's Mother came to visit her here in Munich, naturally, she was intrigued to her about this 'new' church her daughter had found. That's where the Elders come in! Unfortunately, Schwester Chiaric (Sr.) doesn't speak any English or German but, never fear! The Lord transferred an Elder Vitel from Romania here! As the Elders were meeting with her (and teaching her in Romanian...
Sister Smith, Elder Vitel, Elder Spencer, Sister Harman
Munich 3rd Ward Missionaries

She explained that she had read the whole Book of Mormon already and was currently studying in Doctrine and Covenants.
The Elders taught her about Baptism, and she committed herself to get baptized before she would leave.  Schwester Chiaric became the newest member of the 3rd ward at 9 am yesterday morning and, even though, the service was mostly in Romanian the Spirit of God and his love could definitely been felt!

The Lord really is preparing all people EVERYWHERE to hear about the restored gospel.  All we need to do is open our eyes and our mouths and the Lord will help us find the people that are searching :) 

Love you all!
Sister Harman

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