Thursday, September 4, 2014

More miracles!


Tuesday. Miracle central!  
 Miracle Number 1: S
'He is a young adult and is not very religious. His girlfriend had hidden that she was a member for a while and then finally told him and said that he didnt have to keep going out with her now that he knew she was a member of our church. His friends all told him to dump her, that our religion was crazy, but he decided that he loved her and he just wanted to start making a decision by figuring out what this religion was anyways. So, he looked up everything he could, tirelessly. He works at a hotel, night shifts, so he has very little time. He watched some really incorrect documentaries and also found and just took everything in. He decided that wasn't enough so he wandered around 4 bookstores asking for a Book of Mormon. He couldn't find one. Then he got an extra night off, (that he shouldn't have had off but thanks to the Lord he did,) and was ''somehow'' in the area of our church. He remembered that he had read that we had a church building near Theresienwiese and decided to check it out. He wandered over to it and found the church. Dark, and locked. He waited for 5 minutes, lights off and no one was there, and thought... what am I do here? I should just go. But had a feeling he needed to stay. Then one of our young adults, who recently joined the Church from Catholicism,  (the religion that S had been raised in but since fallen away from.) just popped by to see if anyone was at the church. Not five minutes later, we showed up. 

We had been hustling from a member's house to make it to the church in time to do German studies before our Ward meeting. We rush to the door to find them (A and S) standing outside, waiting for someone to unlock the doors. Then we were able to talk to him, learn about his background and give him a church tour. He was very polite, interested and serious about what we shared. He was actually like ''wow you are actually really normal and this is all actually normal'' and I think that is very true, but funny that he had said that after all he had seen. The truth is we are just normal people working with God to be better. 

Anyways, after the church tour we invited him to take the lessons and he hesitated because he usually has about 0 time to do anything in life, let alone meet up with us and learn what we believe. The Young adult that was there asked him if he had time right then to listen and he was very excited to say YES!! Right then an AWESOME young adult who is a return missionary and was atheist before he joined the church came and asked if he could talk and teach with us. YES. 'These two young adults together had his exact background. So we taught him about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today :D and he was very interested. It was super spiritual and we could all feel the beauty of the Lord's miracles working!! We finally got him that Book of Mormon, free of charge of course, and he left with our phone number and finally some correct information.
We immediately ran upstairs, thinking we were super late to our ward meeting only to find the bishop and Elder's quorom president on a call and it was a PRIESTHOOD meeting! Which, naturally, we didn't need to be there for. AKA MIRACLE that we were super confused and thought it was OUR meeting that night. If so, we would have gone home to do our studies. CRAZY AWESOME!

 BUT, (to make the story even more dramatic haha) we didn't get his phone number.. which usually means that they will forget we ever met and never ever call us. BUT, he is amazing! Sebastian called us back last night and will meet with us this week. We now have his number, will see him at church and the Lord will take care of him!! Ahh '
-Sister Smith

It was so absolutely incredible. Really. It's one of those times where we look around and think this is NOT us. We aren't doing anything. The Lord is the one that makes all these crazy wondrous things happen. (And yes, I just quoted my companion's email. TEAMWORK :)) 

Miracle number 2: Wir sprechen mit Jedem!
Sunday, I was chatting with this girl on the way home from the church annd she had to get out really suddenly... so I handed her a card and told her to call us if she had more interest. After the miracle lesson with Sebastian, the phone starts ringing.. GUESS WHO IT IS! Yep. This girl asking when we can meet. Sister Smith and I were just freaking out like.. we need to talk to more people.. everything is working right now.. So we both sit down on our S-Bahn heading home and Sister Smith (that amazing Sister Missionary) starts TEACHING this girl about the Book of Mormon and gave away her first Book of Mormon all by herself! (Proud Mama!) Meanwhile I was talking to this cool guy from Germany, who of course, HAD INTEREST TO MEET WITH THE MISSIONARIES! 

Another cool fact, we as a Munich Zone went to Augsburg and recorded a cd ;) Yep. It's true. I'm now officially a recorded awesome singerin. My life is complete! This CD will be used as a way to reach out to less active members, particularly those who are unable to come to church due to illness. There aren't very many religious CDs in German so it was exciting to be a part of making one!

 Also, with the amazing referral from last week.. She prayed about it and set a baptismal date for herself! She originally wanted to be baptized this next Saturday but, we talked to her about all the lessons we would need to teach and she decided on the 11 of Oktober! We're so excited for her and all the incredible progress she is making in the gospel!

Safe to say, the week was incredibly busy. Full of waaay to many miracles to write them all down but, never doubt. I'm absolutely loving my time here in Munich. I'm working with an incredible sister missionary, Sister Smith (the one.. the only ;)). And yeah, we're doing just that.. WORKING. :)

Thanks for all the love and have a super week!
Sister Harman

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