Monday, September 15, 2014

Week of 9/8/2014 Happiness is the destination, but it's also the path.

Liebe Familie,

.We just got transfer calls and we're staying until my bitter end. I can't believe this is it.  My last transfer haha CRAZY.  I'm just glad I get to stay and finish up Sister Smith's training. Whitewashing and training my last two transfers wasn't exactly what I had envisioned but, I'm so glad it's happened! It's kept me super busy and has been an adventure.  It's been incredible learning to do something I never thought I would be able to do. Well, just learning to depend on the Lord utterly and completely because there is no other way.. Sink or Swim.

We had an exchange with the STLs this week.. which was just lovely. I had the chance to work with Sister Peterson, who will be heading home this week. It was really nice to finally work with her. I've heard so much about her (she was one of the only Sisters I hadn't met before coming here and I replaced her in Linz). She's hilarous and really cool! We saw lots of miracles just talking with everyone, despite all of our plans falling out. 

Other miracles: Our cooking abilities. Seriously, we're getting pretty talented! We were finally able to get in contact with some less active members who would like to meet with us. So our work is expanding really on every front - finding new investigators, teaching those investigators, helping reactivate members, and keeping the strong members.. well just that, STRONG! :) 

I'm so grateful that I'm here in Munich with so many great missionaries, especially my great companion, Sister Smith.  Life is good. The work is going forth annnd yeah! We really can't complain!!

Cool quote this week:
'Happiness is the destination, but it's also the path.'

Sometimes we get so focused on the end goal that we forget to enjoy the whole path that we are on. That's what we've been encouraged our investigators to do - to get excited about the destination.. heaven, but to also enjoy all the blessings and trials that come from being here on the Earth.  
Schwester Kopischke shared a story about her little four year old boy this past week. They were having a family home evening with a little lesson about Joseph Smith, when the little boy started crying and saying he just wanted to be with his Father in Heaven. Why couldn't he just go now? He was upset the whole night, and, despite, his great parents' best efforts - he could not be consoled.  Finally as it was time for bed, his Mother was laying beside him and explained to him that there was a way for him to return to live with his Heavenly Father. As he kept the commandments, made covenants and did his very best.. he would be able to live with him again :)  And so it is with all of us, as we give our best, and strive to enjoy the journey, while looking to hope for the future, we'll be able to attain just what we desire - a life with a loving Heavenly Father!

Love you all!
Sister Harman

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