Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This week has been good! Just a lot of really weird experiences.

Liebe Familie!

This week has been good! Just a lot of really weird experiences.  I had an austausch with the Tübingen sisters which was awesome! I was able to work with Sister Wunderli from Hungary! She's crazy honest, absolutely hilarious and one of the hardest working Sisters I have ever met!  I had the opportunity to go work in Tübingen, which is a BEAUTIFUL college town.  There are a town of young people all studying at the University there. They didn't have any appointments set so we just walked around and talked to everyone. I set a goal for myself this last week that I would find a way to work the Restoration into my conversations faster.  I always get to the gospel in contacting but, I don't always go straight for the Restoration of the Church. Our Zone leaders kept hitting the importance of talking about what sets us apart as a church and using it when we contact.  I really liked it and decided to put it more into use. IT WORKS!  Had the chance to just talk to tons of people and here their stories. Their beliefs, faith, and really just about their lives. I love how you can ask a random stranger on the street or bus or train and, next thing you know, you're talking about the things that REALLY matter. Life. Death. Family. God. And why we are here on this Earth!   Basically, I just loved it!

Also, I'm really really really really sorry. I totally spaced bringing my cord again but, I really do promise next week you'll have pictures.  

Family History is still going great and the investigators in Wien I haven't heard a ton from.  I'm hoping to email Sister Clark this week to check up on them. Last I heard, it's going pretty well with most of them still. Although, it's been hard to get in contact with R :/  Investigators here in Ludwigsburg are just chugging along. We had a bunch of fall-out appointments this past week, which was a bummer but, the lessons we did have were SUPER great. Work with our part member families is just going better and better and ah! I'm so excited to see all these families head to the temple someday!

Cool Miracle Story!
We were going to have a finding day with our district last Saturday but, something came up with the Elders so they cancelled it last minute.  We didn't have any appointments set because we thought we would be in Heilbronn (another city in my district) so we prayed about it and felt like we needed to go visit this less active that lives literally in the middle of no where. It takes ages to get to her house so we figured that meant there was probably tons of ready people for us to find along the way! Sister Powell would sit in one area, and I would sit on the other and we just found loads of people from all walks of life, countries, and backgrounds that needed the gospel. I love how the Gospel really does have something really special for each of us.  For one guy it was the Plan of Salvation (seeing his deceased family member again), another it was knowing God loves her, another knowing that God wants us to be happy, another that we should have healthy bodies, basically 20 different people all with super conversations about some aspect of the Gospel.  

God is real! He loves us and wants us to come unto Him! Soooo let's make life easier for ourselves and get moving!

Love you!
Sister Harman

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  1. It sounds like she has a gift for talking to people! She's doing great things!