Monday, January 27, 2014

Best birthday ever!

Liebe Familie!

Vielen Dank!! The box got here last week and awww! it was so sweet - thank you!  I had a fantastic week and a wonderful birthday!  
We had a little birthday party at District Meeting this week, (joint party for Sister Powell, Elder Peterson, and I)  We made red velvet cupcakes and cookies and it was just divine! We had some really cool discussions about faith and repentance and it just really gave me a drive this week to be more faithful and more consecrated.

Sister Harman's District with President Miles, 1/14/14

Culture story for this week! For Birthdays, everyone says Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag and they give you a handshake. It's so sincere and ah. Just fills you right on up with joy!  
My birthday was really the best day ever! We woke up, opened some presents, went to church, heard some of the best talks ever! (Elder Smith gave his first talk in German!) all about the Atonement and turning to the Lord in our times of need.  It was really cool to hear our members bear testimony of the truths, we put to use everyday.  With M, this week, we taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. About faith being our foundation, repentance, being cleansed by Baptism, and feeling the comfort and inspiration of the Holy Ghost.  Everytime I teach these principles, I can't help but, feel incredibly grateful for the gospel! We know we aren't alone, that someone cares, that everything will ultimately get better and ah! It's just so great! 
 After church, (filled with hugs, birthday gifts and chocolate!) we went to the Schlien's, had lunch and an awesome lesson about missionary work! (About how we can help others come to Christ!), went to a Baptism! and then went to our GML's for a birthday party! (With a non-member there!) It was so great! I've never eaten so much chocolate, cake and goodies but, it was wonderful and made for one of the best birthdays ever!

Miracle story from yesterday at the Baptism, we had an eight year old boy in our ward get baptized yesterday. M has spent the last 3 weeks or so inviting EVERYONE. His neighbors, friends, family and, basically, everyone he could. There was an incredible turn out by both members (the PV kids did a musical number) and non-members and everyone loved it. Members were standing around afterwards answering questions and introducing us to their friends and family. It reminded me of the scene from our Hastening the Work of Salvation DVD, where the child grabs the missionary's hand to introduce them to his visitors. That literally happened to me, five or six times. I feel incredibly blessed to be serving in Ludwigsburg and to have the opportunity to be doing His work!

Basically, missionary work in the best. I love serving, teaching, and loving people.

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