Monday, January 13, 2014

New investigators, transfers, seeing my mission mama, and preaching the Gospel

Liebe Familie,

Report on health: I'm healthy! No more headaches, no cold, nothing! Just good ole normal Sister Harman.  Sister Powell, my lovely new companion, was sick yesterday however so that was a bummer! But, today she's feeling a bit better so not too shabby!

To start: This last week was crazy! Amidst helping Sister Brinck say goodbye to everyone, getting packed up and ready to go - we had some great lessons! We met with this one less active lady, who was 4 children (none are baptized). The 9 year old daughter, L, stayed for the whole lesson and just kept talking about how much she loves the church. Afterwards, we cleared it with R and next week we should be able to set a baptismal date for L! Naturally, we'll need to teach her the lessons first but, her parents agreed (Dad isn't a member) that the kids should have the right to decide what church they would like to attend!  aka L can get baptized like she wants!  :) The work is getting better and better in Ludwigsburg. We dropped alot of investigators who weren't progressing but, the Lord has really opened up the floodgates and we've been able to find loads of new investigators. It's crazy how when we just put out trust in Him how much He really does provide!!

Thursday, TRANSFER DAY!  Wasn't nearly as terrible as I thought it would be.  It felt really weird knowing that I would be taking over this area after only six weeks, but at the same time - we both just felt so peaceful about it!  At the train station, we had a little while to wait before Sister Brinck and Drury would be leaving for Lahr so we walked over to help the missionaries heading to Wien Zone (looong train ride) get everything in.  Walking towards this massive mob of missionaries, I heard a familiar voice! Without even thinking, I took off running and tackled Sister Woods in a hug!!  I GOT TO SPEND THE ENTIRE DAY WAITING FOR SISTER POWELL WITH SISTER WOODS!!! To say, I was surprised would be an understatement. I swear that first hug, I almost cried I was so surprised/happy!  It had been 3 transfers since I'd seen her and man. It was like Christmas being able to talk, laugh, and spend time together while waiting for our new companions.  Sister Powell actually ended up missing her train so she didn't arrive with all the other missionaries.  They had to pick up a later train and so I had to spend an extra 2 hours with the Zone Leaders (Elders Moon and German) and the Bensons (cute Missionary couple!) waiting for her. It was good to be able to get to know them all a little better. We ate some cake! (To celebrate Elder Anyanwu's birthday!) And then Sister Powell and I headed back to Ludwigsburg!

Sister Powell is from Arizona, is 12 days older than me on the mission (she was fast tracked! because she knew some German already), plays cello, loves singing, laughing, eating sweets of all kinds, and, of course, preaching the gospel!  We had met twice at different Mission Leadership Councils so the get to know you talk was easy!  She's great and I'm excited to get to work with her.
Interviews with President Miles this week went great and I can't believe we'll be getting a new Mission President this Summer. That's so exciting but, also a little bit sad! I'm sure the next ones will be just as wonderful as the Miles! 

Safe to say, it's been a crazy week - new investigators, transfers, seeing my mission mama, getting lost, preaching the gospel and making delicious food! But, as always, it's been another FANTASTIC week in the mission life of Sister Harman! 

Love you all!
Sister Harman

P.S. Missions are the best!  SERVE.. just do it! 
P.P.S. Really though, it's the best!

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  1. Love seeing tender mercies in her companionship as well! Her stories show just how mindful the Lord is of each of us! Glad she is feeling better!