Monday, January 20, 2014

And it's Monday again!

Hellooo Everyone!

And it's Monday again!  Not quite sure where this last week has run off to, but another one is gone. Cool things from this week include (but, are not limited to): Smores, cakes, cookies, ironing, pudding, pizza, family history, families, laughing, running, more running, walking, more walking, singing, teaching, more teaching, some more teaching, gave my first talk in German, birthday party for Sister Powell, getting lost and cleaning. 

As you can see, it's been an incredible week!   We had some great success with Genealogy and working with our members. We were able to introduce this lady to Genealogy, and while we were teaching her how worked, she asked if we could tell her more about the church as well.  Safe to say, we said yes! She'll be coming every Tuesday to our Family History Center to work with us!  The coolest thing - she's a referral from a member!  Everybody has something in the gospel that really interests them. Simply find out what that is and then through that it's so easy to bring up the other things in their life that they need but, just didn't realize they needed!

M, an awesome lady, who we are working with, has been quite ill!  She has something similar to pneumonia  and with two kids has been struggling to get everything she needs to done.  So Sister Missionaries to the rescue! We went over and were able to do some ironing for her, dusting, general just cleaning and make sure everything was taken care of. The poor woman has been working so hard trying to take care of her two adorable children, that it makes getting better  A LOT MORE DIFFICULT. That being said, she's the most humble and grateful woman ever and it has been incredible to see a light come into her life as we've talked about the Savior.  He really is the only one that can know what we are going through. To know that we are not alone is the kind of knowledge that can literally change your life.  I know it's made a difference in my life, watching others gain an eternal hope.  Not the kind of hope, like hey! I'll feel better in a week or two but, the kind of hope like Hey! No matter what happens in this life - I can turn to my Heavenly Father for strength and guidance! It's this bigger perspective that I just love so much!

Umkehr: repentance. In German, the literal translation means to turn around, to return.   I love this meaning! It just goes to show that when we repent, we can turn completely away from our past mistakes and start fresh. A fresh view on our problems, our friends, ourselves, our God!  This week, while I was reading in Psalms... I think it was 30:5. Anyways, I love how it talks about in a moment, we can repent and the sin taken from us.  We may weep and struggle to overcome what we have done but, then the morning will come and it will be brighter than ever before!  Sure, our repentance might take more than a moment to really do, but, when we do what we need to do - the sun comes out!  It's morning! Fresh, beautiful and this is where our Heavenly Father wants us to be.  We were able to teach a part member family this lesson this past week and seeing the joy that comes from repentance. Heck even the idea of being totally clean again, can bring joy to anyone. So if you're not feeling totally clean, what do you need to do to get clean?  Apologize?  Pray for His forgiveness? Talk to your Bishop? Commit to leave it behind you?  Whatever it is, DO IT!  You will never regret becoming totally clean again :)

Basically, this was just a wonderful week. Doing the Lord's work and helping people come unto Christ.  I've said it before and I'm going to say it again: Missions are the best.  The chance to be serving HIM. Blows my mind.  I'm so grateful! 

Thanks for all the love and support you give me! Now get out there and brighten someone elses' day!

Love you!