Monday, March 10, 2014

Every single person is a child of God! These people have hopes, dreams and fears and needs love too!

Liebe Familie,

Doing just super this sunny Montag morning!  This last week has been full of beautiful temperatures, (it's soo warm!) and teaching the good word of God!  To answer a few questions, nope (i asked if her allergies were bothering her.)  I just avoid cats and I've been good to go!  Annnd biggest challenge on my mission?

That's a good question... Biggest challenge on my mission. I might think about that this week and then get back to you.  I don't think I have had an experience that gave me so much pause as to say it was a challenge... let alone the greatest challenge of my mission. Hmm.. till next week on that one! 

But, the greatest suprise blessing! That I could learn German so fast, or have the strength to work 16 hours a day, that I would enjoy talking to random strangers all day every day about Jesus Christ, that wearing a skirt every day doesn't phase me (I still like pants more but, I don't mind skirts), I enjoy listening to EFY music (Surprise!), I enjoy having a being with someone 24/7, annnd that I'm beginning to understand so much more about what I thought I already understood: the gospel!  

This week I had an incredible moment.  I sat down on a bus, getting ready to contact lots of great people... at that instance, my fellow bus riders saw my badge and scooted away.  I was so sad!  There were not too many people on this bus, so getting up and finding somebody else to talk to wasn't really an option.  A couple young men, proceeded to say some really not so nice things, and I just found myself feeling really down!  It just broke my heart. These people have NO idea what they are missing out on. This gospel, God's Plan, provides the opportunity to be not just happy for now, but, to be happy ETERNALLY.  (One of those you know you're a missionary when... moments)  I got a small glimpse at what the Sons of Mosiah meant went they said, they grieved for the people who were dwindling in unbelief.  It was a pain so palpable that it physically hurt!  We stepped off the bus, and walked slowly to our apartment and I just wanted to cry!  Sounds so silly but, I was really upset. After planning, I sat down and said some mighty prayers. Recommiting my efforts here to serving the Lord. To really put my heart, might and mind into his hands, and SURPRISE! I felt whole. Happy. Ready to go to work again!  And that's just what we did! Since that night, we've found even more people, who were ready to hear about His gospel, and we enjoyed every second of it!

Also, side note for this week... have you all seen this video yet?

I loved it! I think it really helps us put into perspective that every single person, we see, is a child of our Heavenly Father! These people have hopes, dreams and fears and, as such, need love too! So love people! Go say hi to that quiet person, give a sincere compliment, say thank you, and remember that God and his son, Jesus Christ, love you!  

P.S. I love you too!

Sister Harman

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