Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm feeling loads better!!

Liebe Familie!

Sister Harman
So sorry about my email being so short last week! As I'm sure you've heard, I was feeling really sick. But, never fear. Fever is gone, and I'm feeling loads better. Mom. I love those books. (The Divergent Series)  I didn't even know they were making a movie! I'm sure it'll be awesome! You'll have to put it on my list of books to read and movies to watch when I get home.. You're still got loads of time to start making it but, I expect a decent list when I get home haha

This week was spent with the first half really a blur. Just staying in bed and getting better but, by the end of the week - we were finding and teaching as per usual!  Speaking of teaching, we had an amazing lesson with the Grimes.  Can I just say I love this family?  Watching them make progress in the gospel has been incredible and they are just so wonderful.  Little Jonas was sick this past week, so we asked if we could bring the Elders and their home teacher with us for our lesson.  The Elders and Harold would be able to give Jonas a Priesthood blessing (like Jesus gave to the sick in the Bible).  This blessing we knew, would help Jonas recover more quickly and give the family, the assurance they needed!  Sister Grimes was very excited to have Jonas receive this blessing.  After the blessing, little Jonas was so peaceful! (A big task for this wild 3 year old)  The Elders headed out and we had a lesson about covenants.  We wanted to make sure that the family really understood what covenants are and why they are so important to us.  Without covenants (promises we make with God), we can't possible become cleansed from our sins.  We had challenged the girls to pray about baptism this past week and they said they felt like God is telling them that Baptism is something they need in their lives!  The Spirit was so strong during this appointment and I could really just feel how proud our Heavenly Father is when we begin to follow Him.  

In other news,  my lovely Gemeinde Ludwigsburg called me like crazy this week to wish me well and to offer mountains of food! All the Relief Society Sisters were determined that their Chicken Soup really could heal me haha :)  We really felt the love and support of everyone! So thankyou! We could feel the prayers :)  

This week will be transfer calls and I'm just patiently waiting for whatever comes.  I have loved my time here in Ludwigsburg and would GLADLY stay another transfer (especially so that I could be here for the Grimes Baptisms!) but, if I'm sent elsewhere, I know it'll be a great opportunity to learn from another companion and a new area! 

I love missionary work. I love being a missionary.  Heck, I even love being a missionary when I'm sick, because at least I'm still a missionary!

The Krissie we know and love!
Thank you for the love, emails, letters, packages, support, and prayers! I really feel them!
Sister Haman

P.S. We're having a massive finding day this Saturday with all of Stuttgart and Freiburg Zones coming together. It's going to be great!  This week we're having a MASSIVE combined finding day with over 80 missionaries and all the YSA members.  We'll be doing a Book of Mormon flashmob (where everyone sits down at a certain time, pulls out a blue copy of the Book of Mormon, and reads for 15 minutes) We'll be doing this in Stuttgart, on Königstraße one of the busiest streets in Germany! I'm so excited to see what kind of publicity we'll be getting and hopefully be able to spark interest in our church!  

Cool fact: In Germany, people drink lots of tea, But, mostly fruit teas (which are allowed!). The missionaries laugh about how we never drank tea until we were out on missions ;)  

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  1. so glad she is feeling better. She has a gift for finding the positive. I like the joke about not drinking tea til the mission! I would love to hear her report!