Monday, July 22, 2013

New assignment!

Hey! I'm glad everything went well with the wedding and that all the work for it was well worth it! I'M SO STINKING EXCITED FOR MORE PICTURES!  So just send 'em as soon as possible. Of the decorations, people, the dress, cute pocket squares.. the whole shabang.  I love Katie's dress (she looks so mature! What a babe!) And Josh and Zach in their outfits. and Mom. Hot dang woman. Looking foxy! Jordan, natürlich looks incredible.  What a beautiful bride!  I can't wait to see how the card board cut out of me looked.. I know I can't measure up to the loveliness of the bride but, maybe Sarah can come close hahaha

Tell Josh congrats about the lost tooth!! That's so fun!!

This week has been crazy.  We had district meeting with President and Sister Miles this week and that was fantastic!  They're so kind and personable that I didn't even get nervous for my first interview with President Miles.  He's SUCH a sweetheart! Really, I love him and Sister Miles so much already.  Transfer calls were on Friday and I'm DRUMROLL!!!! staying here! Surprise, surprise haha  I'm so glad that I get to stay here in Wien with Sister Woods.  She's so funny and keeps me on my toes!  But, right after we got the call about staying here in Wien 4 from our Zone Leaders (Elders Riser and Robbins), the phone starts ringing again and it was President Miles.  I got so nervous thinking that he had changed his mind about us staying together.  But, nope! We've been called as the Sister Training Leaders for the Wien Zone.  I was really shocked because we're both really young (on the mission) but, it'll be a great learning experience for both of us.  Sister Training Leaders, for those who don't know, are in charge of the Sisters of the Zone. We'll organize taushes (exchanges), do leadership training, and just make sure that the Sisters in our zone are reaching their potential!  Should be exciting, terrifying but, exciting! Oh and Sister Judd and Linford are splitting up. Sister Linford is heading home after 18 months well served and Sister Judd is getting a golden! I'm excited for both of them but, definitely sad to see Sister Linford go! She's a phenominal missionary!

Last Tuesday, we had a lesson with R.  It was supposed to be a member lesson but, things weren't working out and our train was late.  Safe to say, we were really frazzled.  But, finally, we got to his apartment, sat down at a bench outside and taught one of the best lessons ever!  We had the feeling that we needed to teach again about the Restoration of the church and about the simplicity of Joseph Smith's prayer.  R was so quiet after we talked about Joseph Smith's vision, that I started to get a little nervous.  Afterwards, he looked up and asked if he could come to know like Joseph Smith did. Would God care enough about me to answer my prayer?  We testified to him that God loved him so much and would want nothing more than to answer his question.  We said a prayer and he said he knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that the Book of Mormon was true and that God did love him. Seriously, I have never felt the Spirit stronger in my entire life! We then invited him to be baptized on August 10th.  He paused (in my head, I started thinking... oh no.. here it comes) and said, Yeah. That feels right.  We got so excited and he was so excited and AH! It was AMAZING.  That feeling right there, is totally indescribable but, is the most incredible feeling in the world.  On the way home, I kept thinking - this is what missionary work feels like.  This is why I'm here: to help people feel the joy that comes only through coming to Christ!  

To answer your health questions: I'm doing great. No health problems whatsoever.  Just working hard and having a good time! 

Oh Deutsch.  Es ist für mich sehr hart.  Aber ich viele dinge gelernt habe. Or something like that! It's alot easier to speak then it is to write!  I love love love learning German.  One of our mission mottos is Wir sprechen mit jedem.  aka We talk to everyone.  It's so important to do, especially, in a busy place like Vienna. We can't know who is ready for the gospel unless we start talking to them!  So yeah, my German has had to get better in order to do just that! Unfortunately, that means I speak danglish hard core as well.  haha I apologize in advance for my english in these emails.

Anyways, I love you and I hope all is well! Give everyone some love for me!

Sister Harman (or Kris... Es ist egal!)

Hey Dad!

I always love hearing from you and I'm sorry I didn't email back last week!  I can't imagine what it is like to have a child grow up and make those sacred covenants.  But I do know how important those covenants are.  Someday, when I grow up (haha) I'll make those same covenants and know that when that happens.. I'll be thinking so much of the example you and Mom have set for me. Really, you can see the huge difference righteous parents can make. It breaks my heart to see families that have the opposite true.  Parents set the path for their childrens' lives and I'm extremely grateful to have you and Mom as examples for me.  
Jordan will be alright.  I really liked this section in D&C 31, if you have time I'd read it! It really helped me out!

It's incredible how knowledge of the Atonement can not only change the way we act, but, really change our nature.  I've seen that in myself already.  As I come to know the Savior more, I want nothing more than to do this work forever. To see people change through Him and to become worthy to make and keep those sacred covenants.  The Lord is amazing!

I love you Daddy!!

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