Thursday, July 4, 2013

Things are excellent in Wien!

Hey Mom!
Life is going excellent here in Wien. It has been a crazy week but super great, none the less!  My companion and I are doing great.  Sister Woods is hilarious and we have a lot of fun together. I'm okay on medicine right now but it never hurts to send me more (PS you can totally send medicine to me here in Austria).  We go running for exercise everyday and I LOVE IT! The food is good, with all of our dinner appointments this week - I felt ridiculously full all week.  It'll be a miracle if I come home without gaining a hundred kilos! I'm kidding... mostly ;) I've kind of become the garbage disposal for when the other missionaries can't eat the nasty things or just have no more room. And oh my goodness.  So much food.  We have two Elders in our ward, Elders Smith and Martin. They're rock stars.  Elder Smith is on his last transfer and is still working crazy hard and Elder Martin is on his third transfer so pretty new and is a riot.  Elder Smith is from Kansas and Elder Martin is from England.  Both are just so funny and it's great being able to work with them!
I'll start shopping for that stuff (boots, coats etc) approximately now-ish.  Hopefully, I'll find it soon before all the prices go up for Fall and Winter.  Hmm adventures for this week.... 
We visited this married couple, J and G. J is from the states (East Coast) and G is Austrian.  They're looking for an English church to attend and our really open to hearing about our church.  Way cool people, they invited us over for dinner last Friday and they made this delicious taco/salad thing.  J and G started telling us the story of how they met and it cracked me up. Both are SUPER into peace walks.  They walked for like 10 weeks in Australia, 9 weeks in America, 9 months from Austria to Russia.  SO crazy.  Anyways, they met on a walk in the states and fell in love. Sister Woods got so excited by this (the love but, mostly the peace walks) and then we ended up spending like an hour hearing all about their walks and how we should raise awareness for peace.  Very great haha but, then we turned it around and had a quick lesson about the Book of Mormon and they both agreed to read it. Oh and I found out that if you have your hands on your lap during dinner, it's disrespectful.  You're supposed to keep them on the table at all times.  Oops... I'm an American! haha
We had an Austausch this week (Exchange) and Sister Ackerman came up from Gratz to be with me.  She and Sister Armstrong are the Sister Training Leaders for our zone.  So I had to take over all of Wien for almost 2 days.  I was really nervous, not for the lessons or talking to people (I know I can do it in English), but with the navigating.  It's crazy difficult to know how to get to places and I can never tell which direction I'm facing because all I see are tall buildings annnnd the best part. It just worked out that all of the appointments, we had scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, were places neither of us (Sis. W and I) had been before.  Long story short, I actually managed not to get lost all day Wednesday and Thursday and I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Then our appointment went a little long Thursday night, and we knew we'd have to rush home to make it on time.  But, we (Sis. A and I) had a little bit of a struggle figuring out which train to get on and then I figured it out so all was well.  There was a delay and we discovered we were going to get home about five minutes late.  We're big into exact obedience so I called up our District Leader, Elder Helbig, to tell him that we were going to be a little bit late. He was chatting away and I realized oh hey! This is our stop! So we hop off and then I got confused and thought... wait. This looks different so we hopped back on. As the train took off again.... I realized that actually was our stop. Safe to say, I was freaking out inside trying to think AH! What do I do now?! This whole time I'm still on the phone with Elder Helbig and Sister Ackerman is chatting up this guy on the train.  Poor Elder Helbig finally realized I hadn't said anything in like 4 minutes (give or take a stop on the train haha) and did the awkward... 'Oh, well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow uhhh..' And I felt horrible so I tried to think of something to say, but I hadn't been listening because I was confused and so the conversation ended.  All in all, we returned home safely, albeit a little late.  And now I have a great unsuccess story for District Meeting Ja Wohl! Lessons learned: I can't multitask, directions not my fave and, if Sister Ackerman is talking... you probably won't get her to stop and miss another stop on your train haha. 
R - I can't remember if I told ya'll about him but he's 19 and is living by himself. We had a super awesome lesson this week with him about the Restoration and invited him to baptism. R said that he would pray about it but, that he knows it will help him come closer to Christ.  He said coming closer to Christ is his ultimate goal and if Baptism will do that, he's game.  It was super scary inviting him but, so much smoother than I expected :)
I'm glad everything is going well at home! I'll pray for Jo.  One thing I really liked studying this week has been Mosiah 2 and 3.  They help me remember the blessed and happy state we can have through following Jesus Christ.  I hope you will give it a read, I know it really helped me!
Anyways, I love you all!!
Sister Harman
PS I haven't seen the broadcast yet :(

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