Monday, July 15, 2013

Schnitzel is the best!

Hey Fam!
Sorry this letter this week is going to be really short :( We had an awesome P-day scheduled out but, some of the Elders aren't super punctual so we started like 2 hours late..... and not so much email time! 
Anyways, today we went to see the Catacombs in Stephenplatz.  SO CREEPY but, pretty cool! Then we went to Herb's with my district: Elders: Helbig, Huff, Smith and Martin.  They're so hilarious!  Herb's is a huge tradition for missionaries and has the most delicious schnitzel ever.  OH MY GOODNESS! It was so good.  Schnitzel is like pounded, flat pork that's breaded with stuff and deep fried.  Does anything in the world sound better? I think not! I had my schnitzel cordon bleu style.  So yummy!  On P-Days we usually play soccer with a bunch of Elders, or sightsee, or shop. At least, that's what we've done so far! It's great fun ;)
Cool story for this week: We taught a lesson to W at the Js' home.  W is a new convert and the J are an American family in our ward.  We taught her about Repentance  and it was one of the best lessons Sister Woods and I have ever taught together. So smooth and the spirit was there like crazy! It was awesome!  Sister Jones, who served her mission in Hamberg, Germany, said afterward how good it was and that was so nice to hear. Sometimes I get a little nervous teaching with RM's present because I think they could do it better than me, but I'm learning so much and my teaching is improving loads.

Funny story for this week: People enjoy informing me about how young I am.  Especially really drunk people.  This week we've had like 15 people stop us and ask if I'm old enough to be a missionary.  Dang it, people! I'm 19 years old haha  The usual guess is 16 but, I have gotten 14 before.  But, even if they don't recognize my age, everyone is usually super pumped that a 'child' is out preaching the word of God. haha at least I know I'm making a splash eh?  Oh and an 83 year old man touched my face this week in the middle of the lesson to inform me that I was too skinny.  Thanks K! I'll work on it haha Back to the Restoration.... ;)
I hadn't heard about Jordan but I'm glad she's doing better. I don't mind about the skirt. It's whatever! Good luck with the wedding this week and don't stress too much. You've got angels out there helping you! P.S. that picture makes me mad and happy.  She's a punk. Give her loves for me!
Sister Harman

Note from Mom:   We had to let Krissie know that her sister Jordan was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a second surgery to remove the rest of her thyroid.  Jordan is also getting married this Friday (the 19th of July).  It has been a hard week to have Krissie be away from home, but we couldn't be prouder of her choice to serve a mission.  Please keep Krissie and Jordan in your prayers.  Thank you!

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