Monday, August 5, 2013

Munich was INCREDIBLE!

Heya Fam!

Munich was INCREDIBLE! Oh my goodness. I wish everyone would have the chance to go.  Sister Woods and I traveled with our Zone Leaders (Elder Riser and Robins) and got to know them better which was nice.  Then I went out tracting with Sister Lohmann (we split up companionships, just for fun), she's from Germany and speaks sehr gut Englisch auch.  So I had her speak only in German to me and I spoke only English to her. It was really good for both of us!  

Thursday night, all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders had a big meeting in the Mission Home.  Sister Miles taught all about knowledge and President Miles taught about Chapter 2 in Preach My Gospel and really the importance of daily studies.  I loved loved loved it!  With such diverse backgrounds, serving in different areas, at all stages in their missions, the discussion was incredibly profound!  The Spirit was so strong and it was wonderful just to hear everyones' testimonies.  Knowledge really is the key to being a missionary.  Now don't get too excited.  We don't have to be supremely intelligent or anything like that. All we need is a solid testimony, a knowledge, that what we are teaching is from God and really know the basics of the Gospel.  That kind of knowledge changes lives!  And I LOVE IT! I love when the church bells ring at 8 telling me my personal study is done and I can't believe the time has already gone.  I'm so glad that God has given me a thirst for his word and Mensch! That desire makes missionary work so easy!

Oh and one funny story from Munich, we got up early Friday morning to play soccer with all the Elders.  Sister Woods and I ran to the park (where we were going to be playing) and all the Elders rode in the van (pfft.. Elders!).  haha but, anyways, we divided up into three teams. The Americans, the Germans, and the Finericans. Sister Woods and I played for Finerica!  (All Finnish Elders and us).  We were having a great time and tearing it up.... when the police came! We had been shouting and playing too loud and it was still only 6:45 in the morning.  They made us quiet down and it was so funny to see the poor AP's face when he saw the Police pull up.  Definitely a first for Mission Leadership Council! haha

That's so cool about Tony!! Tell him how excited I am for him!!!  I'm glad all is going well and while that sounds crazy hard with Jo, I know all will be well!! I pray for ya'll everyday so I hope you're feeling the love! 

About the emailing at night, haha there's no mission rule against it! Sister Linford's Mom did it every week her whole mission and she said it was awesome! If you are wanting to do it, I'd love it!  That also being said, I don't want you to mess up your sleep schedule staying up until all hours of the night, just to hear from me. :) I'm glad you're feeling good though! I've been praying for ya and I know that you're the BEST MOM EVER! So you should know that too! 

My clothes are doing pretty well.  I have only bought like 1 skirt and 1 shirt haha maybe I just send pictures of me in those too much! I have ripped two skirts already (I know, I know I'm too rough and tumble) but, I'm going to sew them up when I have time... (probably never haha).  All in all, they work just fine!  

Z, our 17 year old investigator, and her Mother came to the Baptism yesterday!  We invited them to watch a baptism for Wien 2 G and Z loved it!  The Spirit was there (naturally, I mean.. it is a BAPTISM! :))  and Z could really feel it.  She's learned so much and says that someday, when her Mother is okay with her decision, she would like to be baptized.  While that's so 
exciting and so sad, it makes me so excited for her to see the great strides she is making to come closer to Christ.

All in all, life is grand and I am absolutely loving my time here.  Send everyone my best and if ya'll have time, read Mosiah 4.  It's great!

Love you!
Sister Harman  

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  1. You have such a darling daughter and missionary serving with all her heart might mind and strength. LOVE the story about them playing when the police came!! Hopefully our daughters can meet along the way….:)