Monday, August 19, 2013

The field is white

This week has been AWESOME! as always.  We've had like 18 lessons (which is a record high for us) and oh man! So many miracles!  To start off the week, we had a super amazing lesson with Raymond.  He easily accepted the Word of Wisdom and said he'll quit drinking.  He doesn't drink alot but, here in Europe EVERYONE drinks. It's just what you do, so for him to just agree and say that he would stop, was a huge miracle.  AND EVEN MORE MIRACULOUS! HE CAME TO CHURCH! I literally died with joy! Really. Oh and guess what! HE LOVED IT!  I knew he would! Ah, we've been trying everything we could think of to get him to church but, something just really clicked this week and when we went to his house to pick him up, he answered the first ring, and bam! Church.  Sorry there are a lot of capitals this week, but shoot! It was incredible!  He loved seeing so many different cultures in our congregation and ah! Said he couldn't wait till next week to come again! Also, another wonder, Charlie, a guy Sister Woods and Sister Winters (we had exchanges this week again) gave a card to, came to church and said he wanted to join.  Pretty great Sunday!

Caitlin Logan, one of the best people on the entire Earth, (a thriving member of the Wien 4 Gemeinde) traveled back to Canada für immer.  It was so sad to see her go because A. She's the best joint teach ever! B. Because I love her to death C. It'll be at least 15 months until I can see her again. We did some service this week for her, to help her get everything packed up and cleaned up.  It was lovely but, way sad.  She also made delicious chocolate chip cookies and gave us a ton of super cute clothes!   Cait's been a fantastic help for us whenever we wanted/needed to do splits and it's going to be hard without her!  She really understands what it means to be a member missionary and I learned so much from her example. When you get time, tell the Sisters you'd like to have a lesson at our home with one of their investigators. I'm sure they'd die and go to heaven! (I know I would!) 

                                                          Sister Harman, C and Z

Last story, I went on a tausch with Sister Scoggin this week.  It was so cool! We worked in her area (Wiener Neustatt) and ohmygoodness. I loved working in a small town! The people are all so friendly and they've literally been there forever.  Sister Scoggin is training Sister Winters right now and they just opened Wiener Neustatt for Sisters.  There has been Elders serving there for a long time and now WN has both Sisters and Elders! (The field is ripe eh?)  Sister Scoggin is so great and we just really hit it off.  It's interesting to see how other missionaries work and with her perfect German, it was so easy to talk with everyone and see how both she and I could really improve the way, we run our areas (no matter how different they may be.. aka Wien is MASSIVE and WN is tiny). 

To answer your other questions: Since we don't get referrals, we have to find all investigators on our own.  So we literally talk with people everywhere we go! It's really nice though because the other missionaries in Wien, if they find anyone who speaks English better than German... they give that person's information to us!  So that's another way that we find people to teach. :)

All in all, I'm glad all is well and that life is just chugging along! Does school start next week?  Weird! 

Sister Harman

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