Monday, August 26, 2013

Ah, life is so grand! And I'm loving the work here.

Hey Mom!

This week has been so good as always!  Highlights from this week: Zone Conference, R, and lots of rain!  All of the sudden, Fall hit this week and it's been a bit chilly with lots of rain. I love love love the rain! (Not a new thing, I know!)  I'm glad things are going well!  

Sorry again that this email is loads later.  We flipped our P-day around so that we could go to Wiener Neustadt to spend time with our district! Especially our senior couple, the Thurns. This is their last P-day in the field and ohmygoodness! I'm going to miss them so much!  There's nothing quite like an Ehe paars home! They are so sweet and funny and will most definitely be missed! Also, I will totally buy a dirndl! They are so stinking cute but, they're rather expensive so I'll have to shop around to find the perfect one!  It cracks me up because I see people all the time just wearing them out and about.  But, especially at weddings, special events and, even just to work sometimes! Oh! And I bought the CUTEST Austrian soccer sweats ever. I'm in love.  That is enough about babylonisch things though! 

Back to missionary work. We were able to meet with our investigators a TON this week.  (like 18 lessons, which is great).  R is pretty much entirely ready for Baptism.  The only thing him holding him back is the Law of Chastity.  He understands how important it is and how it makes a huge difference in his Spirituality but, yet isn't ready to break the news to his girlfriend. She's not interested in the gospel right now which makes this last big step, rather difficult!  That being said, he's getting so excited for his Baptism and is preparing to get everything worked out.  He is calling us now to meet whenever he is free. (I remember when we were trying really hard to get appointments with him and now he just calls ALL THE TIME! I love it!) It's crazy how when someone starts to really understand the Gospel and how much it blesses them. They really do hunger for more.  I mean really, who wouldn't want more light and knowledge from God?! It's incredible really truly to see the drastic changes, R has made in his life already! He hasn't had alcohol in almost 4 weeks!  The work is going incredibly here!  We are so busy with appointments, have 5 new investigators this week and are really making progress with all of them.  I'm so excited for R's Baptism and to see all the great things he will do when he is baptized.  He's been coming to church and loves it so much and has said already that he would like to serve a mission. That's probably my favorite part about missionary work.  Watching people change and behave as our Heavenly Father wants them to!  They are so much happier and are so excited to share this knowledge with others. When we are truly converted to the Lord, we cannot stand the idea of someone else perishing in unbelief.  The idea of each person being left without this knowledge, should motivate us to share with EVERY SINGLE PERSON that we meet!

My first Zone Conference was absolutely incredible and I loved being able to learn so much from President and Sister Miles and the Assistants: Elders Hemsley and Gubler.  There's no better way to recharge your spiritual batteries than to meet with a bunch of missionaries and hear the good word of God!  We really focused on being Preach My Gospel missionaries and finding through our ward members. It is SO much easier to teach when we are given people through the ward. The ward members can answer their friends' questions when we aren't around and put a friendly (normal) face on what is so new to them!  I can't wait for the day when we get to teach more referrals from members!  We're teaching Sister Bright's family and man.  She is able to liken our teachings to each member of her family so that they can understand and really feel the spirit bearing witness that what we're saying is the word of God. 
Otherwise, we have to hope that we're good enough teachers to help our investigators understand on their own.

All in all, this week has been busy busy busy but, so wonderful! Sister Woods and I have become the best of friends and we aren't looking forward to transfer calls this week.  She'll probably be leaving and neither of us want her to go!  I can't believe this transfer has come and gone already.  Each day just flies by and I love every second of it!  Doing the Lord's work with a best friend by your side is EASY!  Not to mention, ridiculously enjoyable!

I'm so glad all is good on the home front!

Love you!
Sister Harman

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  1. Love that she is going to get a Dirndl! What a happy, cute missionary. =)