Monday, September 2, 2013

This week has been exciting as always!

Guten Tag!

haha the ultimate Deutsch thing to say, eh? This week has been exciting as always! We had the opportunity as STLs to go to Munich for Mission Leadership Conference again! Oh my goodness. I love Munich. Also, I love missionaries. Also, missions. President and Sister Miles. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so ridiculously true it blows my mind sometimes.  For example, I've been studying the Old Testament alot this past week and have made it my goal to study (extensively) all the standard works (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) before I finish my mission. I don't want to use my personal study time for this though (because I like to study whatever we're teaching our investigators that day) so my extra time has been rather consumed by this but, it's totally worth it! Anyways, the more I study the Old Testament, the more I come to see all these principles from Preach My Gospel/that we have been taught forever, are found exactly in the Old Testament as well. People say our religion is new and different but, if they really knew the Bible they would NEVER say that.  Really. Accountability, Baptism, Salvation. All these things are the same in the Bible as in the newer revelations. Blows my mind.

Sorry. Rant done haha.  MLC was super.  I love being able to learn from the example of missionaries coming from a million different backgrounds and all serving in different areas all over the mission.  We get together and are taught training by President and Sister Miles and the Assistants.  They all did a fantastic job and some of the main points I liked were that of planning, developing Christ-like attributes and just being yourself.  Sometimes it's really easy to just go with the flow and not really have an end goal in sight.  But, when we set goals and then make plans to actually reach our goals. That's when we can experience real growth.  This last transfer I've been working alot on humility.  (A toughie for me.. I know!)  At first, I didn't even know where to begin because really. How do you become humble? You can be compelled to be humble or magically become humble, right?  So I started by defining it, listing characteristics of a humble person. Searched for scriptures about humility and picked out a couple of aspects that I wanted to work on.  I wrote my goals down, told Sister Woods about them and began working towards them.  Not that I've actually gotten much better, but, I am more aware of where I struggle with it.  I feel like being aware is half the problem so it's good to know where to start.  But yeah, I'm going to do a Christ-like attribute from PMG every month (plus three more attributes I choose) and work on them each for the next year, one each month! Hopefully as I set smaller goals, I'll be able to be more Christ-like within the next year. 

Other than that, the most exciting things were transfer calls!  Sister Woods and I found out at MLC that we would be separated. Sister Woods is headed to Göppingen, Germany (German speaking ward) and I'll be staying in the beautiful Wien!  I'm really excited for her and Sister Motto (who was in the MTC with me). I know they'll do great! Ironically, Sister Clark was just serving in Göppingen, Germany with Sister Motto, is getting transferred here!  Sister Clark is 21, beautiful, and blonde. haha that's all I know about her and I'm excited to work with her!  (Another random thing, Sister Clark and Sister Woods were companions in the MTC).  Sister Clark and I will be the Sister Training Leaders for Wien. So that means at least one more MLC for me! Aw yeah! :) 

And a funny story to make life better!

Last Mission Leadership Conference, (so beginning of August) we all went outside and played soccer.  Elder Escher from the Salzburg Zone fell and hurt his arm. He shook it off and when the conference was over everyone headed back to our own areas.  His arm kept hurting so he and his companion went to the hospital that day. Only to find out that his arm was broken!  Fast forward to this week, we meet up at the train station and Elder Escher's arm is in a cast.  Bummer, right!  That being said, we all got up Thursday morning (at MLC) anyways to play soccer again!  This time, Elder Horlacher broke his nose, running into Elder Orchard. My guess is soccer won't be allowed at the next MLC! Sometimes Elders have to spoil the fun for everyone :P  

Anyways, I'm glad everyone is doing well and I can't believe that school is starting.  Really.  Where has the Summer gone?? I can't believe we have baby fishies! That makes me so happy! (About a year ago we put 20 goldfish in our pond, by the end of last summer we had 5 left.  In the spring we were stunned to find two had survived the harsh Colorado winter.  We are down to one huge goldfish but spotted at least 12 little fishies on Saturday! - Leslie)  I hope we can have a whole school of them when I get back! I know it can be hard sometimes to have someone gone from the family but, know that all is going FANTASTIC here and that I am absolutely loving it. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a missionary and I can't wait to see what great things come out of this next transfer.

LOVE and miss you all!

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