Monday, September 30, 2013

This week has been a blur and it's General Conference time!


This week has been a blur.  I think I blinked and it was gone haha We had two exchanges this week so it was very very busy.  No, we haven't been able to watch the Relief Society General Conference but, they're playing it here on Saturday at 4.  We get to watch the Saturday morning session live... It's at 6 pm here and then we watch the Sunday morning live.  The rest are recorded and we get to watch them later.  To say I'm excited for General Conference would be a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT!

General Conference, for those who don't know, is a chance for the world to watch and hear via television or online broadcast, from prophets of God.  I'm really excited to hear what great words of wisdom they'll be telling us. You're so right, I can't believe it has been a year since the age change. I never would have imagined that I would be here one year afterwards but, man! I'm so glad that I am!  Becoming a missionary is quite literally the best decision I have ever made.  I have been able to really study the gospel of Jesus Christ like I never have before, teach people the sincere truths from my heart and watch as the Spirit of God helps them really come unto Christ. I guess I always thought I would be a big part in someone else's conversion to the gospel.  The longer I am here, the more I realize, it has absolutely nothing to do with me.  I just open my mouth, and the Lord speaks. We will come out of lessons or even just finish conversations with people on the street and I'll think: what did we even talk about.  I love love love just watching as the Lord helps his children find faith and hope in his gospel!

Cool stories from this week!  Sister Woods and I (my previous companion)  had been calling this less active family since the week I got here.  Every week I would talk to this sweet woman on the phone and every week she would tell me she and her family were too busy to visit us or come to church.  We eventually created a relationship over the phone.  Every Friday around 12pm I would call and we would chat about the business of her week. Two weeks ago, I spaced calling.  The first time in 3 months.  I called her on Saturday when I remembered and she chastised me for forgetting haha.  She then called us on Sunday and said that she and her family had time on Wednesday to meet.  I was thrilled out of my mind and so shocked it took me a minute to tell her that, of course, we would be there!  We were walking to her house when we passed a flower shop.  I felt really strongly that we should buy some flowers. So Sister Clark and I did!  We then went to her house and I was starting to get a little nervous. Is it weird to give someone a plant on your first meeting?  What if they didn't want it? We walk in to their home and guess what she absolutely loves'?! Flowers/plants/shubbery. They have the cutest apartment ever and it is full of green.  She got so excited and made a spot in the center for our little pot of flowers. The lesson went great and the Spirit was so strong! And guess who we saw at church on Sunday! This family! MIRACLE!

Also, I went on exchange with both Sister Scoggin and Sister Judd and it was great! They're both super Sister Missionaries :)

Oh! And about Saturday, we had a Young Single Adult activity where we split companionships and went out contacting people with a member of the YSA (JAE). I was able to go out with a girl named C. She's cute as a button and wants to serve a mission! She turns 19 in two weeks and is preparing herself to go.  She was a natural and I got to speak SO much German. It was really good for me to only speak German to someone.  I'm kind of hoping that I get a native German speaker for a companion someday. That'd be really cool!  AND then on Sunday! Bishop Jshowed the Daily Bread videos by Elder. D. Todd Christopherson and those are incredible! Everyone should watch them... Mom you should put a link here!  Daily Bread Videos Watch it! It's SO GOOD!  Another cool thing, a young man from the 1st ward just returned from his mission in England and the Stake asked him to go to other wards as well as his own, and relate his mission experience.  It was way cool! I hope that when I get home I can talk in several wards in our stake and inspire more people to go on missions because they're the BEST.  

Anyways, I'm glad life is still chugging along and I wish you all a super week!  By the way, think of a question for General Conference! It'll help you get so much more out of conference!

Sister Harman

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