Monday, October 7, 2013

Cleaning day, Mission Leadership Counsel and General Conference = Spiritual Week

Sisters Harman and Clark at the train station 

I loved hearing how everyone is doing! I'm glad ya'll are still kicking ;)  This week has been great as ever! We had such an incredibly busy week with a cleaning day (exactly, like what you are thinking), Mission Leadership Counsel (MLC), and General Conference!  Safe to say, it was a spiritual week!
Cleaning day was just that! We spent all day Wednesday scrubbing down our apartment, getting rid of extra stuff and moving things around. First problem. We don't have a mop. Also, our floors were really dirty haha I got to spend like 2 hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor of our whole apartment.  I was laughing by the end, thinking shoot. I better get some blessings for this. Cleanliness is Godliness went through my mind like a chant! Anyways, by the time we were done - the apartment looked BEAUTIFUL. Elder Riser and Robins had said their cleaning day was the most spiritual experience of their week and we had laughed at them. Really though. With the apartment super clean, it really is a place of peace and a place where the Spirit will reside.  It was really cool!
Mission Leadership Counsel. Two blessed days spent in Munich, Germany. We had the chance to learn all about diligence and about how we can become more diligent in our missionary work.  It really hit me - am I working as hard as a I possible can? Am I really consecrating all my might, mind, and strength to this labor?  I definitely do my best but, I thought.. man! I can do better.  So my new goal is to become the most diligent I can possibly be.  Elder Robins had this cool idea to start counting every person I talk to everyday. And then count how many potential investigators I get. Make it a ratio... say 1 out of every 10 people I talk to will be interested in learning more.  So if I want to find 2 potentials in a day, I need to be talking with at least 20 people.  It just got me really excited to see what my ratio is. Do I pack a spiritual punch when I talk with people? Do I help them feel the spirit so that their desire to come to Christ will be realized? So. That's my lastest goal. We'll see how it goes! 
General Conference! What could be said about the sweet awesomeness that was General Conference! Listening to all the prophets speak was like Christmas. Literally, it was so cool being able to hear from the leaders of our church and really feel what God is wanting each of us to hear.  I really know that those leaders are so inspired! Here's a super miracle story! D, a member of the Wien 2 Ward, loves to go around and give out the Wien 2 Elders' cards. He gave one to a man and invited him to General Conference. This man, named V, gave the Elders a call and then came to the first session of General Conference on Saturday. I introduced myself and sat behind him during the session. The whole time he was riveted! He really couldn't get enough of the speakers and when I invited him to the following sessions on Sunday, he gladly accepted the invitation! He came to the Priesthood session and the Saturday Afternoon session! 6 Hours of General Conference! He said he loved what he had heard and would like to learn more. We'll be meeting with him today to teach him all about the Restoration of this church on the Earth.  It's so great to know that this restoration is what enables us to have prophets and inspired leaders here today!  It was just a testimony builder for me that conference really is for each person individually, even if there are millions of others watching!
LOVE LOVE LOVE you all and I'm excited to hear about all the missionary experiences ya'll will be having with all this member missionary work happening! 
Sister Harman
P.S. Tell Dr. Krueger when I get back I'm going to teach him auf Deutsch ;) 

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