Monday, October 28, 2013

Sister Clark and I are doing AWESOME!

Servus :)

Another crazy week in Wien has come and gone! Sister Clark and I are doing AWESOME! We've had an incredible week with an exchange with Wiener Neustadt, Interviews with President Miles, and Stake Conference.

To answer your questions:  our investigators are doing great!  D has been praying about his baptismal date AND he received his answer!!! He was so excited! He said he really felt God talk to him and let him know when he was to be baptized.  He's been coming to church every week this month and he came to Stake Conference with us.  HE LOVED IT.  Every talk he was just eating up.  The Stake Conference was, of course, in German and so he had a headset on to translate it into English for him. Sister Clark afterwards was talking to him about how Stake Conference is a gathering of all our members in an area and hearing from those who lead us!  D  loved the talks, and the atmosphere and everything.  Afterwards, he quietly told us about how the organization in our church just made sense and that he just felt at home at church and whenever we teach him.  He told me on the way to Stake Conference, how grateful he was that I found him and began teaching him the gospel because he knew it was something that was going to change the rest of his life. I tried to push it off but, he just told me that he had been praying for God to lead someone, who knew the true church, to him. And then he just turned away and acted normal.  I just sat their dumbstruck because it hit me again! Man! Everyday we are led to talk to other people, I walked up to D and talked to him and now he's getting baptized and excited to prepare himself to enter the temple someday.

We have two new investigators this week Joy and Christina.  C is young and is studying here.  And J is from Nigeria.  One funny story with her in that, our first lesson. She got so excited when we brought up Baptism that she jumped out of her chair and started pacing.  We were both so surprised that we had to try not to laugh.  She kept saying hallelujah and was talking to loud. It was really surprising but, funny none the less. She really does have so much faith and wants to follow God.  We'll work on the reverence later haha. 

Wien 3 District with President Miles
Stake Conference.  President and Sister Miles spoke which was great and having D there was the best part.  Also, I understood most everything that was said. Ah yeah! German is coming :)  That being said I still have so much to learn. I really loved how Sister Miles talked about Christ-like attributes.  It's nice being able to pick one thing to work on and then the next month pick something else.  It gives me a solid goal to work towards and not feel overwhelmed with all the things I need to improve on! Baby steps still get us to the top of the stairs. :)

Speaking of languages, we have lots of Philipino members in my ward.  Aka they speak lots of Tagalog.  We have this less active sister that we visit every week with two active sisters in our ward.  The less active sister doesn't speak English so Sister Banban and Jovero usually translate.  Every Tuesday around 1 pm, I've been at this dear sister's house.  We were having a lesson with her in which the Philipino sisters had a conversation for like 5 minutes in Tagalog.  Sister Clark looked at me and asked me what they were talking about and BAM. I was able to translate their conversation from Tagalog to English. After another minute of this, the Sisters all stopped talking and just looked at me.  I didn't even understand why everyone was freaking out until Sister Jovero asked me in Tagalog if I was understanding her.  I said yeah and then they all died laughing. So weird. I guess I can understand Tagalog. Gift of Interpretations anyone? haha Now I can't wait till my German is like that!
Pday fun!

Other than that, my week was just teaching a million of lessons and helping people come unto Christ! My health is perfect, and the other Sisters are doing a-okay too.  

Love you all!
Sister Harman

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  1. I love the way she writes and what she includes in her letters! She sounds like an awesome missionary!