Monday, November 4, 2013

I feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve as a full time missionary

My week was AWESOME!  Sister Clark and I didn't have any exchanges to do this week so we got to work together all week! It was strange to have a normal week but, really nice.  Sister Clark and I are doing great.  Just having lots of appointments, meeting loads of new people and trying to get our ward really excited to do missionary work.  Mission Leadership Counsel is this week on Thursday and Friday and transfer day is November 28.  Transfer calls will be the week before and so that'll be when we find out what's happening to us. So we've got quite some time till then!

I'm glad we have some good hardworking missionaries in our ward back home! Meeker is a field ready to harvest and I'm sure it's been so interesting to have 5 full time missionaries mingling in with the ward!  That's too bad some of the youth in the ward haven`t been coming.  Tell those missionaries and Katie to get on it! It really makes such a huge difference when the youth are active.  I know it really has in our ward!
Super cool experience this week: D has decided to be baptized on December 1st!!!  He has been praying about a baptismal date for quite some time and he really felt his answer this week!  We sat down for a usual lesson (we teach him every Tuesday and Thursday) and right before the opening prayer, I asked him if he knew what day it was.  (He had told us last week that he had prayed and knew what day the Lord wanted him to be baptized, BUT he wanted to wait until Ian was there to tell us all together! Ian (super awesome joint teach) has come to nearly every lesson, we have taught D and they're really good friends now)  It was Tuesday. The AMAZINGLY great day that he had promised to tell us when he would be getting baptized. I was... ahem.. a little excited as you can probably imagine.  So right after the amen, he said 'December 1st.  I will be baptized on December 1st.'  He then proceeded to ask when we could schedule the interview for his baptism.  He is so ridiculously prepared and excited! Yesterday at church, he started to invite the members to his Baptism :)  He has changed so much since I first met him (he had a beer in his hand, when I first met him haha) and is so ready to make these changes not just for today, but for the rest of his life! 
Speaking of change...Ian, a young man in my ward, just left for the Provo MTC today.  I can't believe it!  I was here in June when he received his call and he invited us (Elder Smith, Martin, Sister Woods, and I) to his house for the big opening! When he read off that he was going to Poland, I just died with excitement. He then said that he would be leaving in November and I thought WOW! That is so far away, he has loads of time to prepare.  Many mission prep classes, joint teaches, and millions of answered questions later, he's a full time missionary!  The time has flown by. It was crazy watching him say goodbye to the ward, giving his final talk for two years and, then last night, his setting apart.  He invited the missionaries again, this time it was Elders Reading and Abbott, and Sister Clark and I.  (Weird that I'm the only one still here...)  It was so great to see his whole family there and watching him literally GLOW after being set apart as a missionary.  I feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve as a full time missionary and I know that I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.  For those of you considering serving missions, DO IT. You will never regret your decision. For those of you who have served a mission, REMEMBER IT. When was the last time you were a joint teach? Or when did you last read your mission journal? Or shared some of your faith with someone who doesn't know? The reason why missions are so fantastic, is because you give your time, efforts, sweat and tears into a cause that`s so much bigger and better than yourself.  You jump with joy when someone comes to church, cry with them in their trials and do everything you can to help THEM decide to be better.  This has been the best six months of my life and I cannot wait to see what this next year will bring!

 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! And hope you have a great week!  

 Sister Harman

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