Monday, November 11, 2013

A week of fall outs, a concussion, and mission leadership council

Liebe Familie!

It's finally starting to feel like Fall here! Cold, wet weather, and the cold that starts to bite! Geez. It's going to be a crazy Winter! (Safe to say, I'm really glad I'm only going to be here for one Winter!) This week has been.... an adventure! haha Still a great week as always but, it's been filled with well! Adventure!

Monday was the start of week of fall outs.  11 appointments in a row.  Someone no showing or calling last minute to cancel. Kind of a bummer but, we were able to do less active work.  In our ward, we have lots of records for members that no one knows.  Either they are less active or no longer live in our ward boundary, either way - Bishop Jovero has asked us to be super sleuths all over the city and to find out what has happened to all these people. We've been working on it bit by bit since we're usually so busy with appointments.  But, since this week we were particularly free.... we got loads done on the list!  

Second great adventure,  on our way home last Monday night, there was quite the large group of drunk people on our straßenbahn.   Sister Clark and I were sitting and talking to this lady, when these two guys (speaking ... I think Persian)  start reaching over the top of us to smack this sign and have a really loud conversation about directions (I assume.. no clue what they were saying). One of them had this big backpack half open and it was absolutely full of beer cans (again.. not unusual)  but, he also had an open can in his hand.  I was watching the can as he was hitting the sign and thought Dang it! He's going to spill that all over Sister Clark.  Five seconds later, bam! All over Sister Clark.  I'm helping her wipe it all off when BAM! The sign they've been hitting... falls off the side wall and you guessed it! Right on to my head.  One concussion later!  Everyone stops talking and they start to try and touch my head.  I firmly told them I was fine, and not to touch me and then they ran away.  But, never fear! The Lord blesses his servants and I'm feeling alright :)  (Sister Harman has a  history of  concussions, prayers in her behalf would be greatly appreciated.)

Third great adventure,  Mission Leadership Council.  Always the highlight of my month!  We get to come together with the missionary leaders of our mission and discuss how we are running, what we can do better and just resolve problems that come up!  We had a really great discussion about hope that really made me think. Sister Miles shared something from a talk her Dad gave, and he said 'Insufficient hope often means insufficient repentance'. (A More Excellent Hope, January 1995)  This really made me think.  When I'm lacking in hope, it's probably because I'm not using the Atonement of Jesus Christ as I should be.  Have I really put my heart into becoming better and exercising my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ? I'm going to work every day to be a little bit better! I want to become the kind of person who glows with hope!  We all know people like that and I kept thinking man! Why can't I be that way too?  So from today on, hopefully I'll start glowing a little bit more :D

Also, the song, Brightly Beam Our Father's Mercy ( Brightly Beam Our Father's Mercy video) has really been in my head this week and I really love it!  Give it a listen!

I love you all!
Sister Harman


  1. I just love Sister Harman and her letters!!!

  2. I like how they all just press forward even when things don't go as planned! What a great attitude and post!