Monday, September 9, 2013

Transfer week has come and gone!

Transfer week has come and gone!  The beginning of the week was full of packing and helping Sister Woods get ready to leave Wien (and Austria) and the end of the week was busy with helping Sister Clark adjust to Wien!  
For the details you all have been waiting for... Sister Clark is 21, from American Fork, UT, is blonde and beautiful, a little bit more shy, speaks really good German, has been out for 7 months (She was Sister Woods' MTC companion) and has only served in Göppingen, Germany before here! (Ironically, where Sister Woods is now). I probably have already commented on weird that is but, STILL! WEIRD! haha She played volleyball in high school and worked at an office before coming out on her mission. She's the youngest of 5 kids.

That being said, it's really interesting taking over an area.  Sister Clark has only worked in a small town so I get to train her on how to do big city missionary work. It's alot the same except.... we have appointments all the time and are running from appointment to appointment and well.. everything is just faster pace. We finally got to meet R's girlfriend this week and I'm excited to say we'll be teaching them BOTH this next week.  Hopefully, if we can teach from both sides, they'll be more willing to accept the Law of Chastity.  I cannot tell you how many times I have taught this lesson and yet everytime I teach this lesson I learn more!  Our bodies are sacred gifts from God and when we don't respect and use them appropriately, we really are spitting in God's face. (Scary imagery, right?) We need to appreciate the gifts we have been given before we should dare ask for more.  I mean really!  Why would God want to give someone eternal life (and be stuck with them forever) if we cannot obey some of the simplest commandments? Simple answer: he wouldn't and he couldn't.  God is a being of justice and his infinite mercy cannot rob his infinite justice.   Just some food for thought!
I'm excited to get to work this next week and yes, we usually do three hours of service a week! We mix it up every week, basically, doing whatever we can find! Last week, we cleaned someone's house (they're getting ready to move in), we've helped people move, etc.  This week, we're doing garden work for some members in our ward (and non-member relatives will be there... two birds! One stone! haha :)
We also had Zone Training this week, which was super! I was asked to explain our Zone Vision.. which if I have talked about already.. please forgive me!  haha I was studying the other day and I found this scripture in Proverbs 16:9 that really stood out.  (Proverbs 16:9  "A  man's heart deviseth his way; but the Lord directeth his steps.)   We devise our ways according to what we know. Our experiences, our trainers, our families, etc but, then we must turn our work over to the Lord.  The Lord has set our paths for us, we devise how we are going to do it, and then he leads us every step of the way!  It's really cool how when we prayerfully set goals, and then move all Heaven and Hell to make them happen, God works hundreds of miracles.  We count our miracles everyday and in our zone alone we had 69 just yesterday!  Can you imagine if everyone counted their miracles everyday, the attitude of gratitude that would cover the world?  It is only when we begin to appreciate and thank God for our small miracles, only then will God bless us with great miracles!  So work hard and be counting your miracles! And I expect you to send me feedback on how it goes!

All in all, it's been a fantastically strange week but, as always, I love every second of it! I'm glad we've seen a miracle in Jordan's life and I know that as the school year continues we'll see even more! I'm so excited to hear about it :)
Sisters Woods and Harman 

Love you all!

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