Monday, September 16, 2013

Another week bites the dust!


Another week bites the dust!  This week has absolutely flown by, I feel like I say that alot but, seriously it's true!  I blink and then it's P-day again!  I keep thinking oh my goodness. Did I give my everything last week? Did I really consecrate myself to this work?  And then I recommit to make this next week even better!  I mean if my whole mission is going to go this fast, it better have been the most productive, efficient, meaningful, 18 months of my life!  

Cool things that happened this week! Flash back! Sister Woods and I started teaching a former investigator a couple of weeks ago.  We went by for an appointment and T (the former.. now investigator) had forgotten we had scheduled an appointment so she had friends over.  Luckily, she still invited us and then proceeded to invite us to share a message to her and her friends.  One of the friends, D, seemed really interested. We gave him a Book of Mormon and got his number in hopes that we could start teaching him too!  Flash forward to this last week,  I called up D and he answered (he hadn't answered weeks previously) and we scheduled an appointment.  We met and taught him all about the Restoration of our church.  Especially about Joseph Smith and how God answered his humble prayer. (A couple months ago, I decided if I was teaching in English I better have the 1st Vision memorized in English) So I then related to him the First Vision and the Spirit just hit like a wall.  No one spoke for nearly a minute.  Then D looked up and said that he knew God answered Joseph Smith's prayer. I felt like I should ask him about Baptism even though we had only just met.  He then related how he had been searching for the 'true baptism of God' and how he felt this was the answer to his prayers.  There is so much power in relating the words of the Prophets directly to those we teach.  That is one of the reasons, I'm already getting excited for General Conference!  It's a chance for all of us to hear really the word of God directly for us in modern day!

Another cool thing,  we're going to start teaching Mission Prep. to all the young men in the ward!  We have a bunch 17/18/19 and all are getting ready for missions so we figured we should help them out!  We'll have super awesome joint teaches and they'll be more prepared for their missions! Three birds, one really large stone! haha (Now you're probably counting what the third bird will be right?)  It'll be fun! I love missions and I'm excited to help others get as excited for their missions as I am for mine!

Last cool story, P.  We've invited him to church loads of times but, he plays football on Sundays and says he never has time.  But, when we met with him this week, you could tell he really felt the Spirit and something clicked! He committed to coming to church! So Sunday rolls around and P doesn't show.   I called him up to see where he was and he had gotten lost.  I gave him directions and he walked into church riiiight as Sacrament meeting ended. Bummer right?  But! We took him around and introduced him to all the members who then invited him (and us!) over to lunch at their house.  He LOVED it! and Having the lesson inside the Banbans' home was SO great.  Sometimes the Spirit the members bring is something that can't be replicated!  They're so great!

Funny story.... hmm I've decided if any woman ever has self-esteem issues, she should definitely come to Europe.  I have never in my entire life (grand total) had so many people tell me how attractive/beautiful I am.  The culture here in Europe is just different!  It's totally normal for guys to start conversations this way;I imagine that they find great success with this method.  We also find great success as missionaries responding to their method haha  They start conversations talking with 'Du bist sehr schön!' and we answer with the 'Danke! Es ist das Licht Jesu Christi! Glauben Sie on Jesus Christus?'  aka Thanks! It's the light of Jesus Christ! Do you believe in Jesus Christ?.  So funny. Their reactions are always priceless and I suppose they don't usually get that response when they hit on girls.  Sometimes they're interested in hearing more and sometimes not! Either way, I figure someday it'll make a really great story over the pulpit when one of our admirers gets baptized! (Don't worry, we always refer these guys for the Elders to teach!)

Life is going well, and despite, Sister Clark being sick this week, we've had a great week as always! I'm glad life is chugging along in Colorado and that the work is going well in Meeker! Tell the Sisters hello for me! and Remind them that Sister Missionaries are the best! haha (Mostly kidding! I'm not one of those Sister Missionaries... yet ;))

Sister Harman

P.S. I had a daydream about your lasagne the other day.. 

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