Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Challenge! Pray for an opportunity to help someone

Liebe Familie!
WHAT THE WHAT! Yep. May is already half over!  Random fact: Elder Hancey was my district leader 1 year ago.. and he's my district leader now.  I've started reading my journal entries from last year at this time and it's been so interesting to see how overwhelmed I felt then.  There's so much for a young missionary to learn and, especially, when we're learning a new language. I just want to hug the Sister Harman from last year and tell her that German isn't that hard and that she'd learn everything she would need to.  Luckily, I get to work with a 19 year old Sister who's fresh and make sure she feels ready and pumped for the task at hand.
This week included freak rain storms, (drowned rat - hair styles, soaked clothes, and lots and lots of laughter)  teaching some great lessons (we get to use an Elder from our mission via Skype as a translator!), and making our way around Linz (I think we only got lost three or four... maybe six or seven times haha).  All in all, I'm loving it and I'm just so grateful to be here serving the great people in Linz.
Cool Story!

We were getting off a straßenbahn, when I started talking to this young man who has getting off as well. He related about how he had just moved here to Linz and was looking for a Christian church to attend. We had to hop on a bus to make it to our appointment on time and so we were a little rushed. He didn't know his cell phone number because he just barely got an Austrian number the day before, and to make matters worse - his phone was dead. So he told us he'd call us and after he charged his phone and we parted ways, planning to meet on Sunday for church. I was a little disappointed but, thought we never know, maybe he'd actually call! That evening, an unknown number called and it was H! He asked again about where we would meet for church! (I love it when people REMEMBER!) He came to church and LOVED Sacrament meeting! I was getting a little nervous because I knew our Sunday School lesson was going to be about the Abrahamic Covenant (a little deeper than a first lesson!) But, surprise! He loved that too! He asked us right after Sunday school, when we could meet again to teach him more about the Book of Mormon and our church, and said he had a lot of questions from what he had learned!
And that's just one example of the crazy miracles that we see multiple times every single day. I think the greatest contributing factor to our VAST number of miracles... we pray for them.  We pray before we go outside, for the Lord to lead us to people, who need help, who are ready to accept the gospel.  After we say our prayers, we get out there and diligent work to actually find the people He has prepared for us! 
Challenge!  Pray for an opportunity to help someone and then email me with your results!
I love you all!
Sister Harman

Editor's note - No pictures this week.  If you happen to write to Sister Harman this week feel free to ask for some pictures.  ;)

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  1. I'm so excited that she and Sis Henry will finally get to know one another! She is fantastic! =)