Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lessons we learn from each area and each companion

Liebe Familie, Freunde, und Fremde Menschen :)

Sister Harman and Sister Clark
This week, just like every week, was a blur. I sat here for like 5 minutes just staring at the screen trying to remember what happened this week so that I could send a decent report! haha Never fear! That's one of the many reasons God gave missionaries planners.  We had our exchanges this week with the Sister training leaders.  I had the privilege to work with....

Sister Woods and Sister Harman
SISTER CLARK! That's right. Sister Clark. We were companions in Wien for two blessed transfers and it was so fun to work with her again - this time in Linz! Something that really hit us both as we went throughout our time together - is how inspired Mission Presidents, in our case President Miles, are with who and where people work.  The lessons that we learn from each area and each different companion are so unique and really do help us make all sorts of progress in our lives.  I've been able to see God's hand really guiding my mission along as I've learned to laugh (Sister Woods), to be kind (Sister Clark), to find simple joys (Sister Brinck), to love everyone (Sister Powell), and to be happy (Sister Pentz). I've learned so much more from all of the lovely sisters I've worked with but, really that is just a small example of how INCREDIBLE they are and how MARVELOUS it is to be a servant of the Lord.  
Sister Harman and Sister Powell
Sister Brink and Sister Harman

Sister Harman and Sister Pentz 
We were able to teach quite a few lessons with week. One with a new investigator, B. He's not from Austria but, has been searching for God for quite some time. He's visited lots of churches, read lots of books, prayed loads, but, still hasn't found what he feels is right for him.  Insert friend, M, M is a newly baptized member of the church and just wants to share his love and faith with everyone, especially his dear friends. M invited B to come to the church for a tour. As we showed the two of them the church, it was a little tricky! B doesn't speak German or English so M was translating the entire time. Part way through our lesson, Sister Anreither (a member who we asked to help us teach the lesson) pulled out her ipad and showed the Because of Him video.  Even though B couldn't understand the text, he could feel the Spirit as we watched this beautiful video.  It was a great time for me to see that we don't the right language to help someone come closer to God. The most important thing that we can bring to a lesson or to a conversation, is the Spirit.  When we teach, talk, testify by the Spirit, that's when anyone and everyone can understand!  

Check it out! Because of Him

Hmm. I love you all. Loads and loads and loads. And shout out to Katie and Aubree! Congratulations on graduating! (I loved both of our graduation announcements! You both look beautiful!)

Sister Harman


  1. I think our daughters have the BEST companions in the world in the Alpine German-speaking Mission! It has been so wonderful!

  2. I bet her companions are learning tons from her too!