Monday, June 2, 2014

This week was the fastest week ever!

Well shoot. This week was the fastest week ever!  I started trying to write some of the things that happened and realized that I was writing about the week prior! Oops!

Fun news:
Sister Pentz and I are scarily similar.   We both have a deep love for chocolate, peanut butter, rain, talking, sleeping, missionary work, and basically our outlooks on life.  Safe to say, it's a pleasure to work with a certain tall, giggly Sister Pentz!
Lesson successes! We taught an incredible lesson to a man named H on Wednesday. It was our first lesson with him. Watching him get so excited about the blessings that can come through Baptism and following the commandments of God was a wonderful experience! Insert him asking questions like, 'What can I do to follow the example of Jesus Christ?' 'How can I receive the blessings of coventants?' Simple answer: exercising the faith we do have!  Following all his commandments, repenting, and being baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God. Sister Pentz, Sister Ajmi (a member from our congregation that came with us), and I just kept looking at each other in surprise.  People aren't usually so open and ready to make such big changes in their life and he was ASKING us from the start - just how he could make these changes! 

Wednesday after this appointment, we were on cloud nine. We had all really felt the Spirit and when you feel the Spirit, you just can't help but to be happy!  The plan for the rest of the day was packed with appointments and then BAM! Yep. Every appointment (5) and joint teach (members who would like to come with us) fell out. Bummer, right?  But, we, the Linz Sisters are troopers! We laughed it off, did our back up plans, BAM! Rejection with everyone we talked to. The day ends, still happy and chatting about how missionaries have to have days when everything falls out.  Thursday, another appointment with H. At 12:30, when we were supposed to meet and H didn't show up - I gave him a call to see why he was late.  He answered and confessed his undying love.  How he couldn't come to the appointment because he knew that I was a Sister missionary and couldn't bare to see me and know that we couldn't be together.  I calmly explained (still over the phone) that my purpose was to invite people to come onto Christ and that we could have the Elders teach him instead (if seeing me was too difficult). He then proposed to me, asking me to leave my time as a missionary and become his wife. 
We know how this story ends.  Sister Harman, explaining her purpose. H sadly accepting. The two parting as friends and his teaching will be continued by the Elders!  :) 
In other news, Sister Pentz and I sang before Sacrament meeting (scary but sounded great!).  And we had another lesson with B! Not as dramatic as the lesson with H, but, much more productive!  B is making tons of progress and is already half way through 1 Nephi! Using a translator can be tricky in lessons but, it's just amazing to see the Spirit work!   Sister Pentz and I decided to teach the Restoration of the Gospel in picture form.  So we just drew pictures as we taught so that nothing we taught would get lost in translation! 
Well, I love you all and wish you the happiest of weeks!

Sister Harman 

Editor's note:  I mentioned in Sister Harman's email "I get the sense that you, from the very beginning, have felt so lucky, blessed to have the chance to serve a mission!  It was an unexpected gift to you from Heavenly Father."  Her response was "Truth!"   Her attitude is such a blessing to me. :)

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