Monday, June 23, 2014

Transfers: Saying goodbye, saying hallo!


You all have had a CRAZY week. Man, and I thought missionary work made life crazy haha I hope that you all get feeling better soon and are able to conquer the next sporting event with ease!

This week has been. Well, great.  The beginning of the week was bittersweet, helping my dear Sister Pentz get ready to leave.  We had lots of member appointments, saying goodbye to all the good people. She took it like a champ, but as per normal it's sad getting transferred, especially with her only being able to stay for two transfers.  She's going to make an incredible Sister Training Leader and Germany is lucky to have her!

End of the week, Sister McEwen came!  Here's the story: born in Austrialia, raised in Scotland, and has served in Switzerland her whole mission. She's a loud, confident, and ready to work. When some missionaries found out, we would be working together, they told me that I would be serving with the Scottish version of myself. From day 1, we've just hit it off and are already doing some GREAT work here in Linz. We taught this lesson on Friday and, it was beautiful. We were teaching M and the Spirit was there so strong! We were able to both really teach by the Spirit (even to the point of finishing each others' sentences) It was so AMAZING. I've never been able to teach so in sync with someone, especially, not so quickly.

Oh. And we even are the same size and so we've been wearing each other's clothes all week because we've already been wearing our own clothes for a year and well, you just get bored after a while with them.  And EVERYONE has been asking us if we are twins. Do we look alike? Not really, but we both have brown hair and are the same size. Loud, confident, with big smiles and nametags haha :)  She's hilarious and loves telling stories, really excited about missionary work and ready to get down to work! I'm really excited to be working with her!

Investigators are doing great. Especially, M! He is progressing so much right now, reading every day in the Book of Mormon, and really pondering about what he's reading. We also just started teaching a young student, and she is just loooooving the Book of Mormon. She's studied with lots of faiths and really believes in Christ but, said she's never quite found the fit for her. The ward has just welcomed her with open arms and she said she's never felt more loved in her life.  I think that's really the key! We give people the tools to come closer to Christ and then stand there with our arms open, ready to help when they are ready to make the steps. It's that love that people feel, that help them recognize that what we're teaching about is special, that it really is from God!  

Anyways, I'm happy, healthy, working hard, and still enthusiastic about our work here. The area is already thriving and I'm just excited to see those we are teaching progress even more!

Thanks for all the support and love! Really. I can just feel all the love!

Speaking of love,

Liebe Grüße! 
Sister Harman

P.S. Wore my dirndl! Everyone stopped us and told us how beautiful we looked! (And then proceeded to ask about our name tags and many accepted our invitations to Church!) Sister Pentz, 'We should wear Dirndls everyday!'

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