Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Naaaa... Servus!

Liebe Familie,
Meine Gute! Thanks for the Skype call yesterday! It was wonderful to see all your beautiful faces and man. Ya'll looked great! haha
Skyping Sister Harman!  :) :)

Linz is AMAZING. It's a pretty big city (a lot bigger than Ludwigsburg) and so there's always people to talk to.  We've been having lots of fun trying to figure out where were headed and we've only gotten lost.. twice.. maybe three or four times. Nonetheless, it's been great. It's a little funny, everytime we get really lost - we end up having a really meaningful gospel discussion and so while we're lost.. we're really just exactly where we need to be.  I'm doing my best to get to know the area as quickly as possible. I know it's hard for Sister Pentz being so new and being expected to know so much but, if any pair can do it together, it's us!

Sister Pentz and Sister Harman 
Linz, Austria
Cool story!  Sister Pentz had just picked me up at the Salzburg trainstation and we were waiting on our Gleis for our train to take us to Linz.  She asked me a German question and we were Danglish it.  A young man from Ireland came up and asked us if we were the Mormon missionaries.  We replied that we were and he explained that some Elders (boy missionaries) had talked to him in Ireland on the street but, he was too busy at the time and told them so.  He felt a little guilty for being so harsh with them so when he saw us two, he knew this was in chance to really hear what we had to say.  (And he helped us lift up my ridiculously heavy bags on to our train). We ended up having a super gospel discussion on the train with him as well as a theology professor from England, who came and sat down by us.  We cleared up alot of rumors they had heard and really got into what made our church different. The Restoration. It was incredible.  We gave them Book of Mormons and it was great to see Sister Pentz get SO excited and bear her testimony of it's truthfulness.
Saying goodbye to Ludwigsburg and Sister Powell
In other news, I love being a missionary! Sister Pentz is great! And really tall! and I love you all!
Have a blessed week!
Sister Harman

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  1. Short and Powerful! I really hope I get the chance to meet this fine sister someday!