Monday, July 14, 2014

Basically, being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the BEST.

Liebe Familie,

First off, what a week!  Seriously. We had a Zone Conference, loads of lessons, Institute, service projects, buckets and buckets of rain and just having a BLAST.  Basically, being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the BEST. 

To start off, we had our get to know you Zone Conference with our lovely new Mission President and his family, The Kohlers! They're young, spunky, honest, and ready to work.  I was really impressed by their humility and their ready to add what they can to the work of the Lord.  They have two teenage children still at home and I can't even imagine how tough that would be to uproot the kids and come here. But, just like any calling (job) that we receive from the Lord, He really does fill us and giving us everything we need for what He's asked us to do.  They're going to do great here!

We taught the Word of Wisdom twice this week. I'm always so amazed to see what real faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can do. Both M and M agreed to live this law of health and we've been hearing from them already, even just this week - the INCREDIBLE blessings that they are seeing in their life as they've stopped drinking coffee, alcohol, and smoking.  It's been a bit easier for M because she already abstains from drinking and smoking but, Mhas been so brave!  He was a little scared to make the big step off of smoking but, with the Stop Smoking Program, determination, support from friends and family, and, most importantly, support from our Heavenly Father. I know (and he knows!) that he can overcome all the obstacles that are standing in his way!  

Funny story, last Sunday I woke up to hives all over my arms. (We had an appointment the night before with a family with LOADS of cats -.-) so my dear sweet nurse of a companion, pulls out these pills and tells me to take them.  I take them without a pause and we head to church. I start feeling really spacey at church and found myself having a really hard time staying awake. (Really not like me!)  I was asked to translate for someone throughout all the meetings and it was taking all my concentration to do it because I just wanted to slump over and sleep.  We get down with the meetings and I'm so tired I can hardly stand up.  I realized, she probably had given me loads of Benedryl.  I asked her and Sister McEwen just handed me some allergy pills - not reading the label. We had an eating appointment with a member family after church, and it was just laughable. I'm trying so hard to sit up straight and have a conversation but, my brain was just DONE. Never fear, I made it through our appointments for the day, but, it was definitely an adventure!  Note to self, 1. Read labels before taking pills 2. Don't take pills. haha 

We had four less actives we've been working with come to church and five investigators at church! It was such a powerful sacrament meeting and I was just so grateful for the ward and their willingness to take part in the work of Salvation!

On a world cup note, DEUTSCHLAND FÜR IMMER! :)  

To answer others questions, totally healthy (the pills did the trick with the hives!). Happy and really enjoying the work here in Linz.  I feel really blessed to be able to serve here in Linz with Sister McEwen and am excited to see what the future holds for Linz and those we are working with. 

Vail is super pretty! It's cool - alot of people,even here in Austria know about Vail and Aspen and will ask me (when they hear that I am from Colorado), if I have been to Aspen and Vail. It's so pretty there!

Spiritual experiences, well I mentioned a little bit already that every Friday we go to an Old Folks home.  We visit a sweet elderly sister, talk to her for a while and then sing with her (usually to her, she can't read anymore). I started this right when I got to Linz because.. well, I love old people and I knew she could really use a visit.  So we've been doing this every Friday since then.  It started out with us just visiting P, but then in the following weeks, Galways comes, and then H, and now L, and M. It's been so fun getting our little band of heroes together and singing Hymns together. They really enjoy the spirit that comes through the music that we sing and, of course, the hugs before we go!  Success story with H this past Friday, he tends to be a little quiet. Listening to our conversations but, not really taking part and just looking a little sad. But, this past week, he asked us to see 'Wie groß bist Du?' aka How Great Thou Art.  As we sang the song all together, tears just ran down his face and when we left that day- he grabbed my hands and just kept saying Alles Liebe, Alles Liebe! It was such a sweet experience! Fridays are always incredible!

Fun experiences, Sister McEwen and I tried to be really good little Sister Missionaries and bake cookies to take by someone.. but, we failed miserably and they tasted terrible. The Funny part, we took some cookies to some members BEFORE WE TRIED THEM. We gave them out and then ate 1 each, only to realize they taste awful! We just looked at each other and started laughing SO HARD.  At that point, what do you do? You can't go all the way back to their houses and take back the cookies. Do you call and tell them you're sorry? Or do you just wait till Sunday to apologize and hope they don't hate you?  haha So we just waited till Sunday and apologized and they are either really good liars or God blessed the cookies because everyone said they tasted amazing.  So yep, my cooking abilities are definitely improving :) (As the Elders would say, wife points.)

Love you all and, really, thanks so much for the love and support. No idea what I'd do without you all! 
Sister Harman

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  1. Fun post! glad she survived the hives AND the anectdote!