Monday, July 7, 2014

Lessons, finding days, hot weather, rainy days, service projects!

I'm not sure how to start this email. HELLO ONE AND ALL!

This last week has been crazy, crazy, crazy. Lessons, finding days, hot weather, rainy days, service projects, and just preaching the good word of the Lord.

Funny story number: I haven't played volleyball in quite some time.. AKA I'm alot worse than I was before haha but! We're hoping that with some practice - we'll improve! We played volleyball on P-day and invited all the young people.  We played sand volleyball and oh my heck, it was SO much fun! Brought me back to the summer in Glenwood (cough Glenhood) We then planned a JAE activity for Friday night and had a great turn out. Less active members, investigators, and members all came out and we played volleyball, frisbee, ate delicious BBQ and, in proper American tradition, ate SMORES! It was a glorious 4th of July!

Spiritual side!
We taught another lesson to M this week. She's a student at University Linz, studying English and ah. She's just so amazing.  She had had some questions about Baptism and what it meant for us and after explaining about the covenant and what it meant to us personally. She was quiet just for a second and then said, 'Sisters, how long will it take for me to prepare for my baptism?' We all got down on our knees and said a prayer. Asking God when she should be baptized, after the prayer, M got a little teary eyed and said she knew she needed to be baptized! She picked August 9th and we made a plan to make sure she'd be ready by then!  The Spirit was just so strong and you could really just feel love. The love that God has for one of his precious daughters.  We had a young man, D, as a joint teach and he just bore sweet testimony! He's getting ready to go on his own mission and it was so cool to see him share his faith with M.

Sunday was also great! We were able to have five investigators at church. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, it was Fast Sunday (where members have the opportunity to go to the front and share a brief testimony of Christ). It was so great to see people just open their hearts and share their hearts! 

Watch this: Super video!  Thou Art the Christ

I love that we have the opportunity as missionaries, heck just as people, to share the truths that we find and to grow all together as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. How great is our calling! (see if anyone catches that quote) We can all learn and grow so much from each other - it just starts with opening our mouths and hearts to what others have to say.

Love you all!
Sister Harman

Editor's note:  I am still waiting for pictures from Sister Harman, feel free to nag her for me.  ;)

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