Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas zone conference, Gemeinderat, Christmas Concert and First Presidency Christmas Devotional!

Liebe Familie!
Doing well! This last week was CRAZY long but, also incredibly fast.  Makes no sense, right? haha We had a great Christmas Zone Conference, Gemeinderat (Ward Council), Christmas Concert, and listened to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  So lots of meetings and so many great things were said! 
To start, we did some great Genealogy work.  Looking at our family tree, WE HAVE SO MUCH TEMPLE WORK TO BE DONE. Like literally, all you have to do is print the names and take them to the temple.  I can't go to the Temple here soo I would highly encourage, you fine people to take the names of our dear family members to the temple.  What better Christmas present could be given than that of Salvation? Sounds a bit dramatic, but, it's true.  These people have been waiting for a long time and would be ever so grateful to know their family is looking out for them. :) 
Like I said, we had a fantastic Christmas Concert.  we have some ridiculously talented people here in Germany.  The music was absolutely incredible. I finally really felt the Christmas Spirit!  It was so cool to be listening to some traditional German music as well!  Wooden flutes, Bass, Cello, and some great folk-ish sounding people.  I love love love German!  It used to sound kindof weird and scary to me buuut, the more I listen to it - the more I love it.  It shouldn't surprise me, I mean it's easy to enjoy something you actually understand haha. 

Progress with the investigators is coming.  We've found loads of new people and we're working on them becoming new investigators. (really busy with Christmas time and most people here go on vacations.)  But, the members are great. I've really been able to get to know the ward and it'll just take time to really get them all but never fear! We've gotten 10 essen termine (eating appointments) for the week of Christmas haha So I'd say.. they like us :)  Keep up the good work and know I pray for you!
When asked about her concussion:  Nah. It really wasn't as bad as most. I swear! I just don't really have time to die for three weeks and then feel magically all better. It's just taking me longer to get better because it KILLS ME to sit still and I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about all the things I should be doing to help investigators/members/companions -.-

About the Elder getting transferred. He's a lucky guy to have been in the Meeker Ward haha  I hear they've got some great families ;)  It's always hard to say goodbye to those we come to love but, when we think about all the new people we can come to love. It's an exciting and great time!  Speaking of which, I was able to Skype D this week and talk to him all about his baptism. He was so ridiculously excited and seemed so happy. It seems like he finally seemed relaxed. Understanding and peace really does come from turning our hearts to the Lord.  It was wonderful to be able to talk to him and to enjoy a small part of his Baptism!
 D's baptism 
I love you all and hope you're all getting pumped for Christmas. I know I am!!
Love you!

I haven't received any new pictures lately, so if you write to her feel free to ask, beg or plead for pictures.  ;)  Thanks, SIster Harman's mom

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