Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Liebe Familie! 

This is my last email from 2013! Weird to think this year is already at it's close.  Christmas Eve, Day and the 26th were absolutely incredible.  We had the opportunity to spend the day with members in our ward and ah. We have such a great ward here in Ludwigsburg!  

The Grahovac's, Sülzle's, Hoffmann's and Zimmer's had u over and man! They are all so great. Had the chance to play with dolls, puppies, crazy German games, and eat (ohmygosh) so much food.  I have literally never been so full in my entire life! haha But, never fear! Everything was delicious and it was great!
Naturally, the highlight of the week was Skyping the fam! Ya'll looked great! (Even Dad who looked a little ill)  I'm glad to hear everyone enjoyed Christmas and that's soo cool about laser tag.  That'll have to become a family tradition.. (aka I wanna play too! haha)  

It's been a while since I've included a funny story sooo here we go!
We got a referral from one of the Elders' investigators and were able to set up an appointment the day of! It was Saturday and on our way over, we just felt like we should really talk about the Plan of Salvation.  We get there, start our lesson, and she LOVES IT.  She had a pretty severe accident a couple of years ago. Due to that, she has some physical handicaps.  The idea that we could be whole again someday really spoke to her and ah! The Spirit was doing some great testifying!  (You're probably thinking right about now.. this is a miracle story.. not a funny story! Juuuust wait!)  Annnd then my great German skills come in.  Attempting to talk about how we all will die someday but, it's no problem because we'll all be able to live again with our Heavenly Father, I mixed the words sterben (to die) and töten (to kill).  All in all, Petra understood what I was attempting to say but, it was really funny nonetheless.  

Sister Brink and Harman

Other great facts, Maria ( a former investigator) came to baptism of an 8 year old boy in our ward! And Grazia (a new investigator) came to church on Sunday and loved it! :)  The work is going forth here in Germany and ah. I just really love it. Random announcement! Young men! Go on missions! Young Women! Pray about it! Feeling the Spirit work in you and seeing people really change because of the gospel is literally a priceless experience.  Ah! I just feel so grateful! Lift up your hearts and be of good cheer! 

Happy New Year, everyone! Love you!

Sister Harman

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