Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Liebe Familie,

Holy heck.  Alot happened in the past week! That's great! It's always good to hear about all the miraculous happenings, especially near Christmas time.  This past week has been marvelous!  Really really!  I only get one Christmas here on my mission so I have really felt the need to make this December, the best yet! 

We had a great exchange with our Sister Training Leaders! I was able to take over Ludwigsburg and work with Sister Jencks.  It was nice to be able to work with a familiar face! (We've gotten to know each other through Mission Leadership Counsels!)  We had loads of lessons and just tore up the town(s). haha I don't remember if I said, my area covers a bunch of small-ish towns. Sister Jencks is a riot and ah! It was just so great!
Sisters Brinck and Harman

We had our last Sunday before CHRISTMAS!  It was absolutely glorious!  We had choirs singing, great lessons, and loads of non-members at sacrament meeting. I love how Christmas really is a time to remember Christ - no matter what our religious background is. He came and did so much for us and all he asks is that we remember and follow him.  So simple, right?  And yet we make it so much more difficult for ourselves!  I just hope that everyone this Christmas season will remember why we have it! I'm pretty sure I said this all last week so I apologize if it's a bit repetitive.  Here in Deutschland, the most important day is the 24th, they call it Heiligen Abend... aka Holy Evening (Sounds better in German haha) but, it's a time to remember Christ, read the Christmas story, and to reflect on his life.  I don't know what Christmas Eve traditions, everyone else has but, I encourage everyone to read his story this year on Christmas Eve (Luke 2). It brings a special spirit into our lives!

Missionary Christmas!
Christmas Eve and Day we'll be spending with members! And the 26th. These three days are all 'Christmas'.. America has only one Christmas Day.. Germany has three haha ;D 

Merry Christmas and fam! I'll see you (LITERALLY! Skype!) tomorrow! (Somewhere from 9am - 2pm...) Broad but... hey! Builds excitement, right? 

Skype is a beautiful thing!

Love you all!
Sister Harman

We had a wonderful skype date with Sister Harman!  It was amazing to be able to talk to her and see her!  She is doing so well.  She is working hard and doing great things.  I love her attitude.  She shared this about leaving Vienna right before one of her investigator's baptismal date, "I have to have a good attitude! He's not getting baptized for me! He's getting baptized so that he can make an eternal commitment to God."  Love this girl!

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  1. That made me cry, such an awesome, eternal perspective-the RIGHT perspective.