Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chapter 4 - Veterans of the MTC

I'm doing great! Another week here at the good ole MTC has flown by.  I've been here a whole month - so unreal! It's weird when we talk to other sisters and we're the "Vets" now haha Surviving the MTC so far. :)  That's awesome about your trip to Logan! I'm glad it went well (I knew it would ;))   I'm sure Katie will do awesome as always on her finals (who studies for those things anyways!)
haha okay, okay! I'm sorry about the pictures but, there's only one computer lab where we can email pictures from and everytime we try to go, the lab is full or the computers are down for maintanence! So not entirely my fault, just mostly.  Expect some pictures today: I'll wait in line for you!
Exciting story for this week: We got to Skype Germans on Monday and teach them! Bruder Devones facebooked a bunch of the members, he met on his mission and they said, they'd love to have us teach them! So Sister Young and I taught two sisters from Mannheim, Germany.  They were 13 and 15 years old, have super cute names whose spelling I would butcher so I won't try, and are BEAUTIFUL!  The Latter-Day Saints bring up some gorgeous children that's for sure! Anyways, it was loads of fun to try and understand their German (they speak incredibly fast) and do our best to communicate back.  They love our American accents and would not stop giggling. (That might have been because we mixed up the word for Switzerland and sweat.... but whatever haha) All in all, they were able to understand us and I got about a fourth (maybe a third) of what they were saying. Heck yes! It was reassuring and terrifying at the same time. Less than two weeks till Deutschland!
 I should get my travel plans either this Saturday or Monday and I just bought my phone card to call ya'll from the Airport.  Next e-mail I'll be able to give you more details about that so until then! :)  You should be getting a box any day now of some exercise clothes I'm sending home but I think other than that I brought enough of everything.  I get plenty of letters but, I'd never say no to more haha  Gratitude!  Oh also, here's a quote from last night's devotional  that I really liked: "If you don't feel Christ's presence, move closer." It's our job to make sure we're continually moving closer to the Savior.  I can't explain how important it is to our Heavenly Father that we're making plans/goals to become more like Christ.  And then, BAM! Actually working on our goals!
I got a little sick last Saturday but, after some rest, I feel way better. My health is golden - no asthma issues or headaches or anything like that! Can't complain! :)

Love you all and I'm so glad ya'll are doing well!!
-Sister Harman
  Funny story - the first pictures we received were actually from Lauren, Sister Nance via Katie!  It seems only fitting since most of pictures documenting her freshman experience were taken by Lauren.  I love Krissie's roommates from freshman year, every one of them.  :)  So I guess I guilted Krissie into sending more.  :)
 Schwester Harman and Elder Miller.  Elder Miller is orginally from Burley but never lived there when we did.  These two actually met last summer, Elder Miller will be serving in the Frankfurt, Germany Mission.

 Krissie and Lauren reunited at the MTC.
 These two were roommates their freshman year at BYU!
 All the sisters in Krissie's zone
 Schwesters Harman and Frederiksen
 Schwesters Harman and Young, MTC companions
 Schwesters Harman and Blohm
Schwesters Harman and Young, their first day at the MTC, even have the orange dots to prove it.  :)

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