Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chapter One


No worries about the tears, I cried like a baby, Monday so we all have our breakdowns haha  Wednesday is my P-Day, obviously, and your package came on Monday, which was perfect!  I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed with the German and we were teaching our second lesson AUF DEUTSCH! to an investigator.  They really throw you right in and the lesson didn't go so red hot so Sister Young (meine mitarbeiterin) and I were feeling really overwhelmed... tears ensued but, we talked it out and are feeling much better now! 

It's been so crazy here with about 10-11 hours of studying in one room every day.  And I thought school was hard!  I love my companion, she's really funny. Think Amanda Bynes from She's the Man plus a little bit of Nebraskan craziness and that's her.  SO funny.  I've seen so many people here that I know. It's a small world!

The rice krispy treats were AHMAZING! Thank you thank you!  I have one baby request... more sweets! haha I love sweet and letters and joy and sleep and exercise!  More to come in a letter later because I'm almost out of time!


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