Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chapter Two: At the MTC

I LOVE THE MTC! It's a spiritual paradise more like.  Crazy busy but, I really do enjoy it. My spiritual batteries are overflowing with energy. Literally, I feel the Spirit 24/7 and it's glorious (hasslich)  German is coming really well, I mean I still don't know a ton but I can generally get my points across now.  I can't believe how much I've learned in only two weeks.  I leave in a month from now and I CAN'T wait. I mean I"m terrified but so excited.  
Yes! I saw Lauren! I had been looking for her everywhere and I didn't see her until Saturday afternoon! It was really fun.  
This week has been SO good! I feel like I've learned more this week than should be physically possible.  My head is bursting with German knowledge but, I absolutely love it! I can't believe I've already been here two weeks.  Less than a month and I'll be in Deutschland! Random fact, all the English Speaking missionaries that reported the same day as me, have all been sent out into the field now. WEIRD! This last week we finished up teaching our first investigator with a commitment to baptism! (Oh yeah!) And now we have two new investigators! Christian and Albert.  It's tough because they all speak different dialects of German and they're upping the ante with German words. Our first couple lessons, they spoke really simple phrases and words.  Now they're almost to normal words but, luckily, still speaking really slow for us haha
The other sisters in our district (our little class) knew a bunch of German already so they're being spoken to at normal speed, which they say is SO hard! I can't wait till that's me!  
The language is actually coming surprisingly well!  I'm able to say lots of words and am really working this week on being able to piece lots of sentences together.  I will definitely ask specifically for the gift of tongues I know that will help me so much!  My classes from high school helped so much.  I remember random words and facts from class and it definitely helps me when we're teaching our German investigators (untersuchers).  The trip has helped me feel more comfortable in where I'm heading and the culture to which I'll be learning.  I love love love the MTC.  My district is like my family here and it's great to have a group (8 of us) to help each other out with German and with teaching lessons.

Elder NELSON came and spoke to us yesterday for our devotional!  Sister Young and I thought about going early to lunch and leaving personal study early to get good seats (they didn't announce who was speaking until he walked in) - we were just worried that we would sit in the overflow and devotionals are always so good.  Since our goal this week has been exact obedience, we finished study time and left way later (as we were supposed to) than the rest of our zone.  We came in to find nearly all the seats taken but ... then we found two empty seats right up front!  God blesses those who are exactly obedient!  And yes, we got better seats than those who left early!  BOOYAH! haha

 It was awesome! He is such a sweet, soft spoken man and when he walked in the Spirit just hit like a freight train! Elder Nelson talked alot about how ancestors of non-members are praying for us to find their descendents and for them to accept the gospel so that their whole family could be sealed together. Yay for angels and family history! It really is a huge blessing in our lives.  He said that if we need, we can pray for angels (by name) to guide us and help us through the trials that come our way. I've been praying for Grandma Fowler's patience as I attempt to learn German and get used to the business that is the MTC.  My favorite day is Wednesday because I get to see all the new missionaries come in and, of course, get to e-mail ya'll! 
About the letter from my mission president, everyone going to Alpine got one except for me.  My guess is mine probably got lost in the mail. I really think I don't need anything sent and if they do need something they'll call me into the travel office soon! But yeah, on my ministerial certificate it says I'll be serving from May 1st to October 29, and so that's an estimation of when I'll be coming home! CRAZY!   I love you all and hope that you have the greatest week ever!
Sister Harman

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