Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chapter One Continues...

So I found out I actually have an hour with email and not thirty minutes so YAY! The MTC is crazy busy but so wonderfully spiritual! Wake up at 6:30, exercise, eat, shower/get ready, personal study, classroom, lunch, classroom, dinner, language study, personal study, planning and bed.  This is usually my schedule... we never have a down moment, which is good because we have so much to learn.  Right after I left ya'll at the curb - I got my name tag, dropped off my things in my bedroom and went to my classroom where they began teaching us. EVERYTHING IN GERMAN!  Too bad I'm awful at charades or I might've gotten something out of it.  haha Luckily, I was so pumped, it really didn't bother me.
The exercise is nice, Sister Young and I run for a warm up, lift some weights (she's pro!), and then usually play volleyball. All in all - can't complain there.  The food is decent enough and they have lots of choices so everyone is usually pretty happy with the choices. (when in doubt, there's always cereal)  The flipflops to wear as shower shoes were a really good idea.  So many people are showering and it gets kind of nasty.  In my district, (my classroom - my "MTC family") there are four elders (Elders: Kastendieck, Barker, Hancey, and Sumsion) all going to Alpine and 4 sisters (Sisters: Carlson, Petersen, Young and myself).  All the sisters are headed to Frankfurt.  Sister Young and I are kind of the odd companionship out of our whole branch (ward. In our ward, we have 4 districts), we're the only companionship not headed to the same mission.  There are only four other sisters in our branch (Sister Weber and Sister Miller, who both are our district's bedroommates; and Sister Frederickson and Sister Blohm)  Sis. F and B are headed to Alpine and they're from Denmark. Pretty cool! Sister Weber and Miller are headed to Frankfurt. 
I'm working hard on the language and am just pressing on! I can't believe that a week has already flown by and that it's time for new missionaries to report! I'm not a newbie anymore!! Only five weeks left and I'll be in Europe! That scares the heck out of me because I still have a lot of German to learn but I'm excited anyways haha!
Love you all and wish you the best!
Sister Harman :)

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