Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy Easter!

Liebe Familie,

Happy, Happy, Happy Easter! I hope everyone enjoyed Easter and really remembered why we celebrated it!  I had a wonderful week this past week!  

To start off the week, we had a super district meeting in Pforzheim (love that place!) and then Sister Powell and I headed out to Herrenberg (our meeting place to begin our exchange).  We arrived about an hour before the  Tübingen Sisters Motto and Wunderli, due to train times so we thought we'd grab a bite to eat.  Insert Sister Harman being incredibly graceful and falling down a flight of stairs.. twice.  Safe to say, I was a little embarrassed but, luckily, Herrenberg is in Tübingen's area so I'll probably never see those people again.  (Not sure why I included this story? Well, I'm a bit tired and typing what comes to mind :D)

I had the privilge to be working with.... SISTER WUNDERLI! Third times the charm, right? I think there's something really special I needed to learn from Sister Wunderli as this was our third tauch together in a row (3 exchanges in 3 transfers).  That being said, I learned loads.  Sister Wunderli is an incredibly bold missionary, who loves literally everyone she talks to.  She joined the church a little bit later in life and is such a good example to me of dedication and love.  We had a great time together in Tübingen and were able to find loads of people!

Easter things!  Friday, we helped the Family Zimmer make maultaschen. This DELICIOUS Schwabenland tradition. You can google the really cute story of how it came to be (key words: monks, meat, secret, God won't know)   It was quite a bit of work, but definitely worth our efforts. 

Sunday at church, Sister Powell gave an inspiring talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we can turn in Him in our times of need. It really is so true, egal whatever problem we have in our life - Jesus Christ and faith in Him WILL help us.  I've never known this to be more true than here on this mission.  People can have depression, marital problems, health issues, childrens making poor decisions, or diabilitating mental conditions, but, all these real life problems, have an eternal and spiritual solution.  Jesus Christ.  The Atonement.  Only He knows exactly how we feel, and when we turn to our Father in Heaven in prayer, we will feel the peace we long for, and the strength that we need in order to conquer whatever life challenges that come our way.

On Monday, we were able to had interviews with President Miles and it was a little bittersweet because he'll be heading home before our next interview cycle.  He reminded me to love every day of my mission and to make them all count.  After this district meeting, we went with the Stein and Köhler families up to a waterfall, where we played games, ate delicious food, and then had a super fun game of Füßball!  (Don't worry, Mom. I didn't play too hard :)) It made me so appreciative for the beauty of the world and for the wonderful people the Lord puts into our lives.   I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to be on a mission. Meeting so many new people and making lasting friendships. I love teaching people about how they can have lasting joy through religion and Yep. I'm just happy to be alive!

I'm glad all is going well at home and Congrats Jeff for making it through finals! You're a college graduate! Hip Hip Hooray!

Love you all!
Sister Harman

P.P.S. On Sunday, we also had the chance to spend time with the Lust family. I love them! Delicous food, Easter Egg hunts, and feeling the love of a family! Gemeinde Ludwigsburg = love

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  1. Loved her darling letter and appreciation for Sister Wunderli! Such a darling missionary!