Monday, April 28, 2014

One Year!

Liebe Familie, Freunde, Bekannte, und wer auch immer diese Email lesen werden :)

This week was CRAZY as always. Running to and from appointments, having people bear their souls to us, and doing our best to show people where they can find the peace they're looking for.  (The answer here: Christ!)

Random cool things from this week:
1. Saw a random guy, he looked familiar soo I waved like crazy until he walked over and began to pretend like he knew me. Much to our embarrassment, we actually didn't know each other buuut, he is also from America (Chicago!) and would like to come closer to Christ.
2. I literally can out eat Elders (Young men). (Zum Beispiel Lasagne at Maria's house)
3.It is physically possible to talk with everyone if you live in a place long enough
4. Sister Powell makes really delicious spaghetti pizza.
5. Everyone, literally, everyone has a question that the gospel can answer.  People just need to talk to each other long enough to find out what the question/concern/problem is.

Friday - we had a super awesome lesson with Ines and Alain.  We had asked them to read 2nd Nephi 31 (one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, you can read it here).  We read part of the chapter together and then knelt together to ask God if baptism was something they needed in their life.  I think this is the most important step of missionary work.  No one can convince anyone about anything.  I could say that the moon is a piece of cheese until I'm blue in the face, but it still wouldn't make it true.  I figure the only way to really find out if something is true or not, is to ask someone who knows it all.  God, our Heavenly Father. We prayed all together and Ines and Alain chose out baptismal dates for themselves.  It's such an exciting process to see people grow in their faith and get ready to make special covenants with God!  

In other news, we had a finding day in Heilbronn (ridiculously beautiful town)  and Sister Powell and I had the opportunity to go contacting by the river.  Contacting: we walk around and talk to people and see if they have interest in learning more about the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Christ, Baptism, etc. It's always a little crazy to me when people want to talk to us.  I don't know if I would have given time to foreigners stopping me on the street - especially when they're talking about God. But, when the Spirit is there, you know that what they have to say could actually make a difference in your life.  I'm so grateful to have the Holy Ghost to help us to know how to help people!

Finding day story Sister Harman shared with her dad:

During our Finding day in Heilbronn, we were about to head back to meet up with the Elders and head back to Ludwigsburg, when I saw this really sad looking man sitting on a bench.  This bench was facing a beautiful river and the weather was perfect! Basically, sitting in such a place.. nobody should look really depressed. I went up to him and introduced myself (and asked if I could sit down by him) He explained that he couldn't really speak German, he's from Poland and could only speak Polish and English.  We start talking and he related seriously one of the saddest stories I have ever heard.  Broken family. Abuse. Turned to drugs. Addiction. Rehab. Addiction. Depression. My heart literally broke for this young man and he just looked at me and asked, 'Now you see my life is terrible, what do you want from me?'  I explained what we do as missionaries and about how faith in Jesus Christ can help us overcome EVERY trial and weakness in our life.  He started tearing up as I pulled out the Book of Mormon and told me he knew God had sent Sister Powell and I to him (by now, Sister Powell was by us as well) . It's sometimes the smallest glimmer of hope in dark circumstances that can make the biggest difference.  I heard from the Elders in Heilbronn that he came to church yesterday and they're going to start teaching him!

All in all! A super week! I've had a glorious (I think of Sister Abenroth) year serving the Lord as a missionary!  I'm thrilled that I still have six months to teach and to learn and I'm grateful for all the support and encouragement I receive from you all! Thank you!!

Love you!
Sister Harman


  1. I love Sister Harman's letters!

  2. What a blessing she must have been to that man on his bench. What a testimony that she was called to the right place at the right time. AND he showed up at church! Love these uplifting reports!